Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What drives us...

I was asked the other day what it is that drives me. Basically - my "why" for everything I do.

Why do I work?
Why do I work hard?
Why am I successful?
Why do I work from home?
Why am I building my own business?
Why am I always tired and never sleep?
Why do I volunteer my time?
Why do I give?

I cannot help but respond identically to each and every one of those questions.

My family

I bust my butt (my hubby calls it hustling... lol) because I want to provide my family with what they need.

I am an entrepreneur because I understand that the corporate world or really other people cannot always give you what you want/need. Sometimes they may stand in the way of that and the best way to get it is by yourself.

I am successful because I have to be. I need to prove to my family that if you work hard then you will be rewarded. Success is not always monetary, it is about being where you want to be. For me, that means that I am successful when I get to spend extra time with my kids, my hubby and do fun things. I am successful when I make it through the day and nobody has broken a bone or had to get yelled at a million times. Success means that at the end of the day we still love each other and are happy with the decisions/outcomes we have made.

I have spent the last year home with my kids - because I didn't want to miss any opportunities with them, milestone with my little, and I felt like with all the transitions happening in our lives at that time, it was important to be present. That took priority over money, career, and my selfish desires in a way. Don't get me wrong - I wanted to be here, but I also set everything else aside to make that happen because my family was more important and needed me more.

I decided to join Rodan+Fields because I know there is potential there. I am building my business as a part time entrepreneur and loving the community of ladies I get to partner with and work alongside. I am able to work wherever, whenever, with my kids, without my kids, and the flexibility of that has allowed us extra income and again - it comes back to my family...

We get asked a lot why we can't do things on Sundays anymore - why we are so busy Thursdays or really all the time :) We decided that God is first in our marriage, our lives, and our family. A part of that means that we give back to our community and our church. There are many ways to give back, but portions of that are financially and through our time. Eric and I both serve on the music team at our church. We love using our gifts and sharing that with others. Creating an experience that allows for people to really see/hear God and for God to meet them where they are. We have also decided to work on Restoring our community through giving of our time and volunteering. We are super excited about what the future looks like for that and cannot wait to get started on some community projects. Additionally we have decided to give financially. Basically because what we have is not ours and we feel it's important to be faithful stewards of what we have.

Ultimately, we want to ensure we are setting a good example for our kids and helping them see that life isn't just about our careers, how much money we have, or what possessions we have. It's not about where we go on vacation, how we get there, or how much we spend when we are there. Life is about being together. We are better when we are together. When we live life in community with others, we can build each other up, serve each other, pray for each other. Life is about others, not about us.

So ... what drives me? My answer to that question was...

My family drives me. I want my kids to have what I didn't have when I was younger. I want them to know they are supported and loved. I want them to be able to experience life to it's fullest. I do everything I do for them.

I know that isn't always the norm, but it is our norm. So, I wasn't surprised when the response to that was, "well what about the money. this is a business..."

Well, of course. You cannot do most things without money. You cannot have a home without a mortgage, a car without a payment, meals without grocery shopping, vacations/time with family without expenses. Of course there is always a price tag that goes with almost everything you do. But wasn't Mastercard good at pointing out to all of us that even though there is an expense to life, that ultimately it is all PRICELESS! We need money to get life done, but what is life without the people we love?!

I work hard - own my own business - generate opportunities - follow dreams - because I know that I need to generate enough income to live out the dreams we have been dreaming for so long. There is a season for everything - whether that season is 1 week, a couple months, a few years, or even 10-15 years. Life changes and it changes us. Life happens and we are called to step up, grow, change with it.

Wouldn't you rather progress than be left behind?!

So, at the beginning of the year I started praying - You're will be done.... I didn't tag anything else onto that. I didn't say - You're will be done as long as it fits into my comfort zone... or ... You're will be done as long as it doesn't disrupt our current situation ... or ... You're will be done as long as it's easy... There were no "as long as" clauses in any of my prayers. Just ... you're will be done. So now we are praying for clarity to know if the door in front of us is a result of this prayer.

What drives you? Why do you do what you do? Not, what or how, but why?

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