Sunday, June 12, 2016


How long has it been since I had time to blog? or really do anything for that matter?

Oh, how life changes when you have a little human who takes all your attention, you are working home part-time (which really means you are working on call which means all the time plus more), starting your own business, have two big girls home for the summer, going to the pool, taking vacations, and enjoying life... #summer #summerfun #muellerfamily #summershenanigans

I'm currently avoiding packing for a trip, my baby girl is sleeping, my hubby is working on our deck, I just closed a 58 hour work week for Andy Frain and a business building week for R+F, I served at church for the first time this weekend and I should be napping... #haha #rfroadto1 #workingfromhome #nonstoplife #procrastinationisafulltimejob #hardlyworking

So, here's the update:

My sweet Lorelei was born! Oh boy, I mean girl, she is a precious little thing. It was a long journey to get to meet this little one we longed for greatly. When the time finally came, I had a scheduled C-Section (not the easy way - for anyone who would like to share their opinions...). I had 6 weeks of difficult recovery, was unable to sleep in my own bed for a long time, had to buy a recliner chair to sleep in, couldn't bend/stand/sit or do lots of things for a while. #february #baby #loreleigrace #momlife #surgery #healing #cesarean #recovery #notsoeasy

Most of March was filled with a sweet baby, adjusting to being a mom, healing from a gapping abdomen wound surgery, and family. Mostly lots and lots of family - which under any other circumstances I would have been against, but this was so much needed and appreciated. My family planned it out and took turns staying with us so that I could have help with Lorelei. It was amazing! I don't know what I would have done without all those extra hands. It meant I got to shower and sleep and other people cleaned and cooked. My hubby didn't have to do everything and that made me less stressed as well. #marchmadess #momlife #healing #loreleigrace #family #lovethem #cantdoitall

I cried when Lorelei got her first round of shots. I felt so helpless, for the first time in a long time she cried that super sad baby cry as if she were saying - momma, why do you let them do this to me?! - oh I am not looking forward to the next round of shots at our 4 month follow-up. #loreleigrace #gettingtoobigtoofast #momlife #sometimesthereistears #wehatethedoctor

My littles finished school - started summer break! Its been fun, hectic and much more already. We had a family photo session when my sis Ang came to town. We have had planned excursions to the library at least twice weekly and now that the pool is open they are wanting to go every day! #schoolsoutforthesummer #summer #summerfun #muellerfamily #summershenanigans #familyphotos

I turned 30. It doesn't feel different than 29, but I guess it makes me seem more legit. lol. My husband is amazing and threw me a surprise birthday party (with the help of my brother Matt). The first party anybody has ever throw for me and it was so very special! #dirty30 #birthday #surprise #party #lovethem

I started my own business with Rodan + Fields and became an independent consultant - WOOHOO! Building my future one goal at a time. Just starting out, but I can see greatness in my future (was that on a fortune cookie? cause it should be!) #rfroadto1 #rodanandfields #changingskinchanginglives #joinme #bossbabe #sparetimeentrepreneur

Served at church for the first time in a long time. I'm singing with the worship band ... it brought on a lot of anxiety, nerves, stress and fell into the same week as my crazy busy AFS work schedule... But it was good. I made new friends, I am building a community and I am excited to continue on this path. #serve #CCCMontgomery #churchfamily #community #love #god #vox #workingmytailoff #idontevenhaveatail #icouldbuyatailwiththisnextpaycheck

Amazing how you think you have been pushed to the limit and then God pushes you further... This week has really shown me what I was made of. Obviously not stone cause I did have a minor meltdown, but then after I cried it out I was fine. Life is full of transitions, one phase to the next and if we are not careful we will blink and miss it all. This month my baby girls turns 4 months old - for anyone who's keeping track, that means a 1/4 of her first year is over already and that is just too fast for me. I know I will blink again and she will be in elementary school, then junior high, high school, college, or getting her career off to a start or even getting married or having kids. Some people will say - don't rush it. I'm not, but I am absolutely realistic and I couldn't imagine any of this differently.

I get the opportunity to be home with my kiddos. It's a huge blessing! I would not know how to do life any differently. I cannot imagine not enjoying all this summer fun with them. I cannot imagine missing any little moment with Lorelei. Life will never be perfect, but this is pretty darn close to it. #love #wouldntchangeathing #ilovehashtags #momlife #muellerfamily #transitions #changeishard #changeisgood #adjustingtothisnewwayoflife

Okay. I really have to stop this and go start packing.. #memphisherewecome #summershenanigans #muellerfamily #moretocome