Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hurdles, Baby, Houses, Blessings and more…

Many hurdles have come and we have either jumped over them, knocked through them or just fell and got back up again. Now we are finally at a free point and this next phase of rest is going to be glorious!

We found out we are having a baby girl! We could not be more excited and so very grateful for this little growing blessing. Halfway through the pregnancy and getting more and more excited to meet our little gal. 

We finally moved into our new house! Ahhhhhh!! (hear singing choir – lol)

My hubby captured this picture last night and it couldn’t capture this beauty any better. We are so very blessed and I couldn’t even express how grateful we are to have this home and be able to raise our family here. A little further west, but that feels good to both of us since we enjoy being further out. You can see some stars – the sky is so clear. We are loving the friendly neighborhood and the girls are meeting new friends :) 

There are often times when we are faced with the hurdles and we are struggling. We cannot run fast enough, jump high enough or clear through the hurdles at all – it’s difficult. The unknown is like a black hole and we never have a clue where we are going or where we are coming from. Often times it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now that we are here and basking in the blessings, it’s hard to question why we were ever stressed or unsure.

Now... to get everything unpacked and settled in. We have the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms basically done. We still have to paint/decorate to our liking and we have a few upgrades we want to make over time (a deck for summer!!) - but that all can come with time. I just lay in bed and thank God for what he has given us. 

Do you think I would appreciate it as much if it weren't a struggle to get it? I would hope so but I cannot say for sure. It is definitely the little things in life that we take for granted, but also the little things in life that bring us such joy. 

Today I am dwelling in the joy. I know that life will not always seem so sure and concrete. It will not always feel like blessings are showering down. I am a realist after all. I know how the world works. But in the meantime... I'm soaking it all up.

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