Monday, October 26, 2015


I cannot believe how fast time is flying by. I know I always say that but it seems to be traveling at light speed lately.

I am 22 weeks along and this baby is growing bigger and bigger as the days pass by! #loreleigrace is kicking and dancing around! It's one thing when I get to feel her and have been for a while now, but it's another thing when the hubby and the girls get to feel her! so amazing! We are all so excited it is hard to wait!

The baby shower plan are coming together and though January is far away, it will be here before we know it! I'm officially registered at Babies R Us, Target, and Amazon (i know... i didn't know you could have a baby registry at amazon?! but it's cool for all those Prime shoppers!).

The things they tell you that just aren't true.... 
- you will have more energy... what? did they know you were expending energy taking care of yourself, your family and growing that baby?!
- so happy and glowing ... i think not! more like crying for no reason because of hormones and crazy pimples
- eating for two... do not fall for that crap - they tell you an extra 300 calories a day ... did you know that's how many calories are in a piece of toast...

The things they don't tell you about being pregnant....
- registries are stressful and hard to put together (nothing like a wedding registry)
- baby will kick you and it will hurt
- you have more anxiety between appointments than joy because you are worried something could go wrong until you hear that heart beat again or see that smile
- you want to clean everything all the time but can't even bend over to load/unload the washer/dryer

The things they tell you that are absolutely true....
- it's worth it

Enough said right?! Before I was pregnant I would always get angry at all the moms who were pregnant or had babies that would complain all the time. They were uncomfortable, annoyed, tired, their kids were being unruly, etc. I couldn't believe that a woman could not just appreciate every minute of this miraculous adventure. Why would they be complaining?! It was so hard for me to make this baby... I would never complain - not at all...

Well... that was before I got pregnant.
Now... I understand.

It's not so much complaining as it is sharing the experience. I have to tell someone how I am feeling and why. I want to share every minute of it. No, it's not always rainbows and butterflies. Yes, most of the time you will be uncomfortable, tired, swollen, achy, etc. But that's all a part of the process. It's so frustrating wanting to try to do life as I always have and not being able to. I cannot do laundry, dishes, host parties, sleep, walk, drink, eat the same as I once did. Everything has changed.

I'm pretty sure my nose has widened more than my hips... lol

But.. it's all worth it!

No, my body will never be the same, but it will bear the marks of the adventure I took with this baby. I will have a daily reminder of the miracle of being a mother as I hold her in my arms. And sometimes we might have to cry it out together, I am sure I will mess things up, but... it's worth it!

I was always mad at people when they would tell me "You'll understand when you're a mom" ... I have been a mom for a long time - a second mom to my siblings, a second mom to my girls, a mother figure to many - and it would always make me so angry when people would say that to me because they did not know my circumstances and understand that I didn't have to be pregnant to be a mom...

It's true. You don't have to be pregnant to be a mom. Many women adopt, use a surrogate, have a blended family or parent other ways. I have been there and will never discount that. There are obviously different ways for people to get their point across.

IE - you will never understand or know pregnancy until you're pregnant, you will never understand or know newborn months until you are the on-call parent 24/7, you will never know or understand parenting a teen until you are in the war zone of teenage years... etc. Because you cannot know it until you have really lived it. This is what they should say. Because it is true.

I never knew until now what pregnancy was like, growing a baby or everything involved. There is still so much that I will encounter and experience and I cannot even understand it until I am there, but I am excited for it all! Is that weird?

Anyways... she is kicking/punching the crap out of me, dancing or something right now and I just cannot help but smile. It's all just so amazing. So very worth it!

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