Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Why blogger?

Why blogger? why even write in a format that other can read? why post online instead of keep a handwritten diary? What's the meaning/purpose of blogging? Is blogging a dying concept? Do people read a blog? What do people think of what you write? Why do people not comment? Does what you write cause others to think and really salivate on life? Why bother?

Often times I hear these questions - or I pose them myself. It an interesting concept - blogging. I have been blogging for years through different websites or social media, but the one things that has held strong is my inability to care what others think. 

I blog because I love to write. Whether it's about me, other people, life experiences, wisdom to share, or thoughts that come through and become a page of constant stream of conscious... I write just to write. A lot of the reason for blogging is to share with others. My purpose is not really meant to make me money (which most people know you cannot do through blogging anyways) or to get people's opinions on anything. I just have this belief that if I am thinking it and feeling it, then someone else in the world has to be thinking it and feeling it to. They can read what I have written and share in that moment with me knowing they are not alone. 

Sometimes my blogs are really deep and dark - other times they are light and fluffy, but always they are genuine. I have worked my way through life writing. Once upon a time I was in therapy and my therapist suggested I write. I picked up a pen and just never put it down. I am a strong believer in writing everything out - because even if you cannot say it out loud - you can put it on paper. 

Yes, there is this passive aggressiveness to writing. Most of what people write, they would not say aloud or to someone's face because of a fear of rejection, disappointment, disapproval, etc. Sometimes I can be passive aggressive in my writing, but it's never because I am afraid of what others may think or feel after reading what I write. On the contrary, I want people to think and feel differently after they read what I write. I want there to be a connection, a resistance, some level of uncomfortable. I believe that this challenges us. 

I know that often times there are things that I write about that people may disagree with. I open those topics to healthy debate. I will never be offended by someone else's opinion, but just know that I will stand by mine and I will respect yours. Differences are often times what I write about - how we are different, how we should be different, how to fight the world and be the same... Other times I write about how we are similar and we should find those similarities that bind us together. 

If I looked back on the last 10 years - I could see my blogs develop from self centered rants or online diaries to self revelation and online wisdom sharing. Its interesting to chart your life and have a way to visibly see the growth that has happened in your heart and mind. 

I blog because it is soothing and healing. I blog because I believe sharing and being vulnerable can change the world. I blog because I believe there are others out there that can benefit from what I have to say. I blog because that's just what I do. 

Why do you blog?

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