Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I've been holding out writing because I have been bursting at the seams (literally and figuratively). I almost couldn't bear to put my fingers to the keys and not spill my guts. But enough time has passed and here we are - So now I can...

Our family of 4 will be a family of 5 in February 2016!!! oooolala! So very exciting.

So, when I Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes are coming our way, what I really mean is that they are upon us and overtaking us!

We bought a new car, but still need to buy another one. We are selling our townhouse and buying a new beautiful single family home. We are moving!!! I am cooking up this beautiful baby that I cannot wait to meet in February. The girls have started at a new school, are making friends, and are adjusting well. Both Eric and I are making long term career decisions. We are just all over the board here.

The only thing that is keeping us up is our strong foundation, our family and friends, and of course God. I believe in miracles and there are so many instances in my life in the past and present that prove that to be evident. And although our life feels more like a hurricane than a roller coaster right now, we will get through it and we will be closer and stronger than before.

So, I'm sorry I'm not sorry. Most of my posts from here on out are likely going to be family/mom/baby related or new house/decorating related. I am also considering starting my own at home sewing business. I know crazy right? How will I make any money or be successful? IDK, but what I do know is that we were not put here on earth to be minions/robots. We were meant to change things up and make waves. So I plan on doing that by making things other people love and can use. Whether that's bags/purses/wallets, clothes, baby stuff, etc, I will put my heart into it and see where it goes. That will also give me time to get back into writing and actually do stuff that I love. The hard part is that what you love never really makes you a lot of money.... ugh. But, I know we will be provided for as we always have been - so I just put that worry on a shelf and let someone else take care of it.

I am super excited and cannot wait to post pictures from my maternity shoot that my dear friend Julia did for us when we were in Buffalo over the weekend!!! EEEKKK! As time goes by, I get more and more excited.

Yes, I am that mom to be that is writing a journal to her baby.... I am that mom to be that already has a name picked out... Waiting not so patiently to find out if this baby is a boy or girl... Has three baby apps on my phone that tell me the same things different ways... Charts the baby growth week to week and tells me the new and interesting things about what the baby can do and how he/she is growing, etc.

I'm also the mom that already had all the chromosomal blood tests done weeks ago, not because I am the mom that would terminate, but because I am the mom that wants to plan ahead and be sure that I have the right people and the right doctors in place for when my baby is born. All the tests thus far have shown nothing but a healthy strong baby, which is all we can ask for!

If you have known me for years, then you have followed my struggle with longing to be a mom, but always being told it would never happen. We were fighting the odds and we have won! It is still all sinking in... it is nerve wrecking, anxiety ridden, crazy, stressful, glorious, exciting, and wonderful all at the same time. I have never been so stressed and excited all at the same time!

And, while there is so much going on - this is also a time where there is so much unknown. I have never been really great with the unknown as I am more the type of person who plans and prepares. I need to put concrete things on the calendar and make permanent lists and plans that will not change. Crazy I know, but this has been really difficult for me through this process of Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes that is leaving so much up in the air.

The silence is killing me!!! But, with that said, there will come a time when answers will start streaming through and we will be on the other side of this craziness wondering where all the time went and sitting in awe at how me made it through.

So... to all our Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes I say - Bring on the excitement, draw us closer and make us stronger because we aren't looking back.

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