Saturday, July 4, 2015

Nobody's Perfect

Wait! Stop! Yes you are!

What's that song that comes to mind when I say Nobody's Perfect... that Hannah Montana catchy tune from 2007.... or Pink's Perfect from 2010...

Anyway, here's the problem - We think that Nobody is Perfect. We sit and rest in this lie and think that we are all acceptable to be the way we are because we are not perfect. But, that's not true. We are all perfect. We are perfectly and wonderfully made! Yes, you may make mistakes. Yes, you may have to call a mulligan every now and again, but it's not because you are not perfect.

For a long time I thought something was wrong with me because I could not find a guy who could treat me right. I thought I was damaged and far from perfect so I accepted the way others treated me poorly because I thought I deserved it. For many people out there they have this idea that because they aren't perfect they deserve less.

Let me tell you that is not the case. You are perfect and wonderfully made. You deserve more. You deserve better. You will be given more and better if you believe that you are worth it!

It takes a long time for people to discover who they are, to compare it up next to others, to be okay with being different, to embrace the differences, and really to love who they are. The struggle is real and it is something that so many people don't break free from. Nobody tells them that they are perfect just the way they are!

I have loved the recent empowerment movement. The messages that are going out that contradict everything that has been seething the media waves for years.

In 2010, Dove launched a Campaign for Real Beauty. They shared post, images, commercials, conversations about what real beauty was - it comes in all sizes, ages, colors, genders. A real self-esteem movement. Dove #loveyourcurls.

Making the headlines of Times in 2014, Always launched the #likeagirl campaign which confronted the stereotypes of what it means to be and do thinks "like a girl" - how society damages our perspective on what it means to be a girl. This video will make you cry - it will challenge what you have done and how you have influenced this damage - it will make you want to change and stop treating people differently because of their gender/sexuality.

Pantene's Sorry, Not Sorry Campaign in 2014, that asked the question - why are women always saying sorry? Be bold - stop being sorry for being a woman and just BE! And another commercial from Pantene that challenges labels against women versus men - Don't let the labels hold you back!

Gillette Venus challenges you to take a stand against labels and #useyourand!
Covergirl challenges that girls can't do .... because #GirlsCan!
Verizon #InspireHerMind!

Move past campaigns and commercials... listen to the music...
Colbie Caillat - Try
Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
Lady Gaga - Born this way
Taylor Swift - Shake it off
Meghan Trainor - All about that Bass

While I may not agree with all the lyrics in the above songs - they generally provide a positive message about loving the way you are, not trying for anyone else, you are beautiful the way you are, when people are cruel shake it off, be okay with being curvy, and most importantly - you were born this way (fearfully and wonderfully made).

It amazes me that there are still people out there who cannot see or believe that they are perfect - just the way they are! But, if for any reason they don't believe - start flooding their brains with all the positive messages here and any others you can find. Because it takes a long time to pull a negative idea from the brain and replace it with a positive one.

But, believe me when I say - you are perfect just the way you are! I am so grateful for all the positivity that is being spread out there and hopefully some day we won't know the difference because instead of ad campaigns making us feel lesser, they will make us feel better.

I guess the marketing departments just have to realize that people are more likely to purchase something if they can believe it and support it! If a person feels better about themselves they are more likely to spread the good news.

I know a lot of these campaigns focus on women/girls, but I do not want any boy/man out there to think he is less either. Just as many boys/men struggle with self-esteem, body image, and acceptance as girls/women do. So - just know that all of these ads, commercials, campaigns, and songs are genderless.

Don't let anything or anyone make you feel less than perfect - no matter who you are! If you ever need reminding - Know that I think you are Perfect just the way you are!

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