Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hub Pages Blogging

So I have decided that I am not only going to maintain my personal blog, but I am also going to be a member of the HubPages community. I do not know what my posts will develop into, but I know they will be less personal and more informational. So, here are a couple examples of what I have written thus far...

I figured, what better to start off by than something that is near and dear to me - something that is current, recent, and fresh in my mind. So, I started with DIY weddings...

I did a lot of DIY when it came to my wedding and saved us a ton of money, but also allowed us to create our own style - which was later referred to as "soft-punk" by friends... Guessing because it was somewhat traditional, but also somewhat different with the converse shoes, relaxed atmosphere, and tutu dresses.

The other post I put up was on marriage - foundations of marriage.

This blog discusses what helps build a strong foundation, what can tear it down, and how to maintain a healthy strong foundations from the beginning. I know I have not been married long, but have been married twice and that gives me more knowledge than some who have been married a little longer than me, but only once.

I'm a firm believer that divorce teaches you something that you cannot learn another way. I would never wish divorce on anyone, but it has really schooled me on what is important and what I really want in life, marriage, relationships, family, etc.

I am a writer and I need to get my name out there. If I cannot make a career of it, then I need to just start doing it as much as possible so that I don't have to focus on loving my 9-5 as much. Oh wait, I don't have a 9-5 (that's wishful thinking)... lol.

Side note: Job search is going well. A few serious prospects in process - we will see where they go!

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