Monday, June 16, 2014


Sometimes life throws you lemons and you feel like you need a little tequila for your lemonade.

In my life lemons usually represent a significant change that is approaching. I don't mind lemons as long a they aren't too difficult or don't represent sudden or crazy change... Wait? Isn't that what lemons usually means?! 

I am finding myself in the middle of a whirlwind of lemons. I don't mind it. I know that change is on the horizon and it's exciting! I know at times I feel anxious and slightly overwhelmed but I cannot express how right it all feels and therefore I am okay waiting out this lemon food fight in order to squeeze al the goodness out of these change and douce on the end product. The sweetness and comfort of homemade lemonade. 

Silly I know but think about it. What makes you feel good? What makes a smile come across your face? What makes you reminisce in the good time and look forward to the future? I know that we all struggle and we all have difficult times. If we focus on the good that can come out of things then out struggles will be a little less and our joyful moments will be a little more. 

Life has thrown me lemons. I'm reaching for the sugar and the water. I know it's not a decision of right or wrong that I'm making- it's completely a decision of timing. Will we ever know what is the right or wrong timing? Likely not, life is all about trial and error and learning from where we have been in order to know where to go. We make educated guesses based on the wisdom we have learned over the years and we find ourselves continuing to grow and better our lives. 

A wrench will get thrown in every once in a while and we will figure out how to fix it. We will figure out how to make of and make it fun and enjoyable all at the same time. I know what I want out of life and I often struggle with the idea that what I want is note same as what God wants or what others want with me. I have come to understand that sometimes we won't know. We will have to e vulnerable and stick ourselves out there in order to uncover the answers. 

So what is it that life is throwing at you? What feels like lemons? What feels like it is too difficult to make something sweet from it? What makes you feel like you need to throw in a little tequila or a little white towel? 

Stay strong. Stay encouraged. Stay at peace. Take some time to rest and be in solitude. Know an understand where you are as where you are going. But most importantly understand why. 

I have lemons. I intend to make some delicious lemonade - I won't let these lemons sour me. Will you? 

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