Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Every year we celebrate many events. Whether it be holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or hallmark days... But either way they are days on the calendar that remind us to make the people we love feel even more special and celebrated than we do generally. Let's be honest, we can say we want to celebrate them everyday, but life gets in the way and it's impossible. But, these calendar days are there to kick us in the pants and remind us. 

This year I have been experiencing celebrations very differently. For the first time in a long time I have not celebrated with my family the most recent holidays such as Easter, my dad's birthday, Memorial Day, my brothers graduation, my birthday, etc. It has been different and difficult because I'm being forced to redefine what celebration means. Everything has turned from phone calls to texting or posting on social media too. So even when you won't see that person to celebrate them - you don't call, you just post, text, tweet or whatever. 

Some aspects of redefining celebration open my eyes while others break my heart. For the first time in a long time I felt very isolated and there is no way to remedy this. The people you want to celebrate with are too far away, the people nearby don't want to celebrate, and the few that do celebrate try to make up for the others blah blah blah. 

So, here we are redefining what dies celebration mean and how do we do it?! 

I've decided that for me, it means that I will focus on what I have near and dear instead of far. I cannot change the circumstances therefore I will focus on what I have and not on what I'm missing. Celebration does not have to be stuck with just the date on the calendar, but whenever it fits with travel plans and life schedules. 

This year my holidays have been very different and they will continue to be moving forward. I know that I have multiple locations and families. Many people who I love and want to celebrate with. It will be a challenge but it will be an adventure. 

I will no longer invite someone who is not a constant in my life. I will no longer expect or be disappointed by people bailing on plans. I will no longer wish things could be different because I cannot change it. I will no longer be upset or tearful on a holiday. 

I will celebrate with the people I love when I can and where I can. I will enjoy every minute I get to spend loving the people close to me. I will be healthy and happy and filled with joy. 

I know that as we grow and change everyone around us is growing and changing too. I have chosen an amazing life filled with love, happiness and so much more. Others aren't there yet and that's okay, but if they chose to stop including me because of my life choice then that is their loss not mine. I will keep celebrating the people I love and those who love me. 

Distance makes the heart grow fonder -or- out of sight out of mind...

Which have you fallen into? 

Circumstances change, people change, life throws curve balls your way... But what you do with all of that shapes who you are and who you will become. 

How do you celebrate the ones you love? 

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