Saturday, April 12, 2014


Time is a funny concept. Sometimes it moves quickly, other times slow. At times we may feel as if time is basically standing still or we can feel our lives flash before our eyes or we think we are seeing the future. Sometimes we want to be frozen in time because we never want that moment to stop or go away. I always feel like time is moving by so quickly and if I do not grab ahold of something or freeze time then I will miss out on one thing or another. It is likely because I always overload my schedule and overwork myself, but I don't really know why I am always feeling like this.

Yesterday I felt like I had a moment and really got to ask myself what I was excited for or looking forward to...

Rest!!! This was the first thing that came to mind. A little vacation getaway in July to the mountains and fresh air. A little sun and water time with no responsibilities or stress for an entire week (hopefully).

Graduation!!! Not that I will be done with school, but this will be a huge accomplishment a long time coming. I am really excited this is finally approaching soon!

Grad school!!! Eek! This feels like it is so far away, but I know it will be here before I know it and I have to pick a place to further my education. It is so difficult and costs so much money to even apply to schools, but I really want to get the ball rolling on this. I did have one open house visit already, but feeling like maybe I should schedule at least one more.

Future planning!!! I cannot even express my excitement about all of this enough, but I am just so very excited for what is to come! I am so ready and just cannot wait!

Here's the thing... all of this is within the next year or so and I know it will have come and gone before I know it. I wonder how much I will really appreciate the time I have and how much I will pack more in just to get thing done and out of the way?!

So - what does that time look like? Is it quality time? Is it time suffocated by obligations?

I have found that intentional time is the best time. Time well spent intentionally focused on getting the best outcome possible is so very rewarding. What conversations are had and when they are had. What time is spent and what is planned for that time. Sometimes we think that just being together is enough, but it needs to be intentional time spent together. That makes the difference between quality and just quantity. You can spend hours with someone, but unless they are intentional hours, that was a waste of time.

I have really been focusing a lot lately on how I am spending my time and why I always feel like I am running out of it. I know I do a lot of driving, I also work full time and attend university full time. I have a family to help take care of and friends to spend time with. It is often difficult to divide my time in a way that I don't feel like I am sacrificing something. But I assume it is because my heart is in everything that I do that I often feel as if I am giving something up to do something else.

It's funny when you question what you should do and a child tells you that you have to pick what is most important to you.... lol... Well, if only it were that easy. What I want to do and what I need to do are not always on the same page with one another. For instance, this time I am spending blogging, should be allocated for writing term papers, but I am procrastinating on that one... lol. Sometimes you just need to get something out before you can make room for anything else.

Someday I am not doing to have school and work and life and everything else and I honestly think I will be lost and not know what to do with myself because I will have spare time...

Spare time.. what is that? lol. So my first step to recovering pieces of me and my mind is blogging. I know I was away for a while, but I am trying to set intentional time aside to blog, get my fingers typing and my mind flowing so that I can just unwind a little. But also to set a schedule and make the time I have far more effective because it is intentional time.

When was the last time you spent intentional time? What did you do? Why?

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