Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The past is a time that is no longer in existence. It is the time that has gone by and will no longer be. It cannot be undone or changed. It cannot be revisited. The past is sometimes where we wish we could be, but we will never be in the past again. Here are our options…

1. Present - which is existing or occurring now.
2. Future - the time following the present. The time that is still to come.

Even as you read this you have to realize that time is passing and you cannot get that time back, undo it, or redo it. Sometimes we forget this. Sometimes we wish we were in the past or we could take something back. But, we can't!

Here's the best part to all of this. There is a present and there is a future. This is what we should be focusing on. It's hard sometimes to focus on this when the past creeps up and tries to get into our present or our future, but the past is in the past for a reason.

Living in the present is so much fun! You get to experience everything that is going on and you don't miss anything because you are too busy focused on something else. I love when I get to come home and just worry about what is going on in that moment and not what happened yesterday or what will be happening tomorrow. Now don't get me wrong, I do plan things and the future does excite me! But, I don't sit down and keep pondering about what happened before and how it could have been better.

So many times in my life I have said that I do not regret my past. I have really tried to live with that ideology because it works the best for me. The past is the past and you cannot change it so why regret it? Of course there are things that you have done or choices that you have made that you wish you possibly hadn't, but this does not mean that you should change them.

Everything that I have done and every moment I have endured or experienced was something that shaped me into who I am. I am unfinished. I am always and ever changing. We all are. We have to accept sometimes just that. Accept who you are and who you have become. Be honest with yourself about all of this and make whatever changes you feel you need to make in your life to better yourself because you want to. Never make changes for other people, because then they aren't whole hearted and you will not be able to stick with it. Never try to be someone you are not, it won't work out.

I have had a long journey to get to where I am and who I am. I know I have a much longer journey ahead of me, but I know that I am on the right path. Always before I had questions for God or myself about where I was going or what I was doing. Now I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that no matter what happens or comes my way that I am where I am supposed to be and I am with who I am supposed to be with.

There are times in your life when the past will try to come back, but honestly, the past is in the past and it has no place in the present or the future. Move on. Live in the present and love it. Live for the future, dream and plan it! Be who you want to be and love you! Be where you want to be and love it!

Sometimes life, health, people, death will overpower you in a moment. Just remember that no matter what you are going through it's nothing compared to a mountain and we all know that with faith as small as a mustard seed, We Can Move Mountains! So move a mountain today! Don't let anything oversell you or take advantage of your heart or mind. I am learning this slowly but surely day in and day out. It is a difficult path to follow - this path of faith we are called to. Knowing that no matter what happens it is right because it is a part of God's plan or he is intending to use the outcome for His kingdom.

Every day we are growing, changing, molding, shaping. Be better than who you once were. Let go of what once was. Move on toward the future and keep your eyes focused on what is really important… The present of the future!

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