Thursday, April 24, 2014


Today I had a patient with disabilities in the office and she was just so precious. A happy person, so grateful of our help and so loving. She gave everyone hugs and just couldn't say thank you enough. 

Just before that we had a gentleman who talk about his daughter loosing her baby at 7 months pregnant still born. How she went through depression and is coming back to some level of emotional normalcy and wanting to try for another baby. 

Life is such a roller coaster - seeing the ins and outs of others lives and hearing their stories. Wanting to hug a 60 year old man who looks as if he's gonna break down in front of you because of his daughters struggles and loss. Actually hugging a 46 year old a bit later because she just can't get enough. 

Realizing the ultimate levels of joy an in spite of the hardships and sadness we may be going trough that there is something bigger and better out there waiting for us. A few days ago I tweeted about how our plans don't always line up with Gods plans. It was one of those shake your fist and God moments, only later to come back and just be in the presene of God and know everything will be okay. It might not be great, amazing, what we expected or even wanted, but it will be okay. 

Life goes on - with us or without us. We have to remember sometimes to dig ourselves out of that rut we are in and get back up and keep going. I was saying yesterday that I felt like I had nothing else to give - then suddenly I hear Dori in my head... "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..." Haha. It's silly moments like that when you know God is there, nudging you along and reminding you that there's more here for you. 

What are you focused on? Are your eyes set straight I are they straying? What is His plan? 

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