Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hopes and disappointments

There are time in your life when you face a certain road and are unsure which way you will be taken. One side is safe and planned for and the other is definitely bumpy and unsure. 

Recently I faced a path such as this / there were hopes and disappointments attached to both sides. While one path would have been completely bumpy and unplanned - it would have offered something no other path could have brought on. At first the sight of this path was scary, stressful, and anxiety ridden ... But soon the idea of this path became full of joy, excitement, and opportunity. Then of course upon realization that the safe and planned path had been chosen for me, there was a bit of disappointment that sunk in. Of course there was a sense of relief for the lack of change and other stress entailed, but also disappointment. 

Now - we are never prepared or planned enough for half of the circumstances we encounter in life. Sometimes we start to want something that isn't planned for us, we begin to get hopeful and focused - only to find disappointment waiting around the corner when we don't go the way we would like. 

Keep calm and carry on... A phrase common to everyone. But I would say stay strong and fight on. Life is going to cause you to face battles and you will have to warrior through. Just know that there will be no disappointment here because we have hope in the win that had already taken place. 

I know that God ison my side even though I don't always do as I'm supposed to or make the right or wise decisions. I know that no matter what there is no need to stress or be anxious because He will take care of it for me.

Some days I have so much on my mind I just have to sit and breathe it all out and breathe something new in because when we try to handle things on our own it all just gets too overwhelming. 

So now I will hope for the future that whatever is planned for me - I will do. And whatever I want - I will not see disappointment when it does not come to fruition. 

I have a plan for you declares The Lord - a plan to prosper you and not to harm you! 

Believe this. Have faith in it. And He will see you through anything! 

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