Sunday, November 3, 2013


He Is enough for me

Just sit and think about that for one moment. Has anything ever filled you up? Has anything ever been enough? What would your life look like if something or someone was enough? Would you stop searching for someone to fill that void? Someone to give you what you're missing? Stop putting the pressure on someone else to do for you what you need to do for yourself? 

Think about yourself. Think about never wanting anything else other than what you have now. Imagine your heart so full you feel like it's going to explode. Imagine only ever wanting to give your love to someone instead of having the need for someone else's love and taking that. Taking their love and their actions for granted is something so many people do. 

What if you were a giver instead of a taker? What if you were a giver instead of a keeper? How much greater which are love me if you gave it away.... Every last bit? Can you imagine giving ALL of yourself to someone? 

How great is our God! He knows my heart and he still gives me all love. He is enough for me. More than enough! 

What would your life look like if God was enough and you didn't need someone else to fill you up? What if you never craved to be filled? Because you always full!! 

What a concept?!?!

I am a woman and of course I think about my future. I think about my future husband and what my life will look like then. I think about love and happiness. Please do not hear me wrong when I talk about the above... When I talk about God being enough. I still am excited for my future and everything that God has planned. 

I write to him and pray for him. I pray for our future together and how God will use us. 

I've always imagine what love truly feel like when God was in control. I know that it's amazing. I know that it will be blessed. I can't have patience wait for it because I know the wait will be worth it. I am just truly excited for my future. 

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  1. Interesting post and interesting topic to think about.