Sunday, November 10, 2013

Coming together

It's that time of year when you start to think of family and holidays. You start planning meals and get togethers. You start thinking of how you will all come together for that long awaited family gathering. 

You get to stuff your face with too much delicious good- go into a food coma - then after a few hours do it again. 

You get to collect holiday wish lists. Download your Santa tracker and start writing letters to the North Pole. You get to decorate your house with ridiculous amounts of lights and other junk that you will be cursing when it is freezing out and you have to take it down. 

Oh. But the joy of it all! 

This year I have much more to be thankful for and so much more to plan for. Family to me this year means something completely different than it has in so many years- or possibly ever! 

This year may be the last holiday season my family is in driving distance. While I am loosing them to a longer drive ... I am gaining a family also. It's so ironic how these things happen and come together the way they do. 

Today I was allowed a glimpse into the future and it melted my heart. Just the opportunity to have these precious moments is something I would never and could never give up! I am so grateful for the little moments that come few and far between but that will be the ones that stick with me forever! 

I think family is one of the most important parts of my life and should be if everyone's life. I know that I cherish every moment I get with June because soon I won't just be able to have that quick hour drive down to visit... It will be many driving hours or flight hours that will take me to see them ... And I won't get that luxury as often. 

I also know that while that saddens my heart there are so many things that full my heart. It's so hard to put into words so I won't even try, but I just know. 

So.... From holiday planning and families coming together... There is nothing more precious than adding more names to the pile of family you already have! I just am more and more excited about the holidays as the days pass by! 

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