Sunday, October 20, 2013

You Matter!

You matter.
What you do matters.
You make a difference and your influence is significant.

Sometimes you need to hear that. It gets hard trudging along sometimes when all you can think of is the time you are investing in everything around you and you are seeing no result. Sometimes you will never see the outcome in your lifetime. Even though this idea is difficult to imagine - you have to be accepting because it is the truth.

I have always known that I have influence and I try really hard to be humble about this, but I cannot help but acknowledge it and you should as well. The influence we have is significant and you have to be aware of how you are influencing.

If someone tagged along with a video camera for a day - would you be proud of what was filmed? Would you want that to be what kind of influence you were having on others? Would this be the explicit viewpoint or the G rated viewpoint? Would it be the truth and the real, honest you?

How often are we REAL with people? Allow people to see the real/true self? So often we are afraid of people seeing us and judging us - we never let people fully in. Why should we fear people seeing us for us? We are who we are and we need to be honest with ourselves and everyone else.

Set the example. Monkey see - Monkey do. So true. There are eyes watching all the time and we have to be aware and know that they will follow in our steps. Are we leaving the legacy that we want them to pick up and run with?

Are you proud of who you portray? Do you know how much you matter to everyone around you? Would you act differently or love differently if you knew?

Well... You should know!


There may never be anyone who tells you this, but it's not because they don't think it. It may because they don't know how to say it. It may be because they don't know that you need to hear it. It may be because you act like you don't need to know.

But you should know - if you don't and if nobody has told you lately, ever, or at all... You do matter. Everything you do matters. So make it count!

What you do now and how you treat others will affect them in their future. You should know that this is influencing and impacting the way someone grows old and how they influence and impact the world. Think on that....

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