Friday, October 11, 2013


Tonight I came home to an amazing surprise. It was likely the best surprise I have ever had in my entire life. I am in awe and amazement at the ways I am blessed. A part of my surprise involved chocolate!! Yum!

I was inspired, encouraged, and struck by these words I received and many others.

Live in the Present! There is no better place. You have all you need and all that God has given you. Do not seek out something that is harmful. Do not look at the past. Do not try to see if the grass is greener on the other side. Do not look for the 20 when you have the 80! Life is passing you by while you are too busy to realize it. You have to stop and take a step back. Look at all that you have and just wonder in it. You are blessed. I am blessed. I could not honestly ask for anything else in my life. The world is such a big and beautiful place and I am so excited to experience it every day. To see and enjoy new things, or experience things again in a new light. I think for the first time in my life I am actually living!

Be Fearless! Do not be afraid. Do not let it rule your life. Do not allow your insecurities to step in the way. Life is too short to hide in the shadows or creep around worrying about everyone else. You have to live the life you know you were meant to live and do it fearlessly. There is nothing that God cannot handle. Even when things get rocky or a storm starts brewing - know that He is with you and you shall have no fear!

Do what Feels RIGHT! You know what is right or wrong. You know what feels good and what feels bad. Yet often we find ourselves doing what is best for everyone else instead of what is best for us. Often we find ourselves going against what we believe in order to appease someone else in our life. STOP! You have to do what you know feels right. Even if you think it's crazy or you think everyone else in the world will think it's crazy. Crazy just means that they don't know or understand it. What is right is not always easy, but it is worth it!

Know and understand how blessed you truly are. Appreciate the people in your life that you love and those that love you. Do NOT ever take advantage of what you have because one day you might not have it anymore. Our days are numbered and we do not know when that number will be up. Live like you haven't lived before in your life. Love like you won't have a tomorrow. Remember to tell everyone you love just how much you love them and why. You have no idea how impactful that is on a person's day and most importantly - on their HEART.

Have you ever cried because you were overwhelmed by positive feelings and not negative feelings? Have you ever felt so much happiness in your heart that you could not sit still? The focus is gone throughout your day ... squirrel squirrel squirrel ACORN! LOL! Let it be! I cannot express how much energy I wasted fighting all of this. But the thing that I have learned is that you have to be FEARLESS! LIVE in the PRESENT! and do what FEELS RIGHT even if it may seem crazy! The best things in life and almost everything that God has done seems crazy, but we just have to know and understand sometimes that it is BIGGER than us.

So... I sit here faithfully - In such awe and amazement - So inspired - So blessed - I cannot imagine feeling a better overwhelming feeling in my life. OK! So ... here I am with open arms...

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