Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stand out!

Tonight I had a conversation that made me feel high and low at the same time. 

A young woman is choosing to be single. She, like many others, has realized that you don't need someone to complete you and you especially don't need to make that happen in college, high school, or any time sooner than that. It takes a certain level of self control and self confidence to stand by while everyone else is "dating", get asked to school dances, etc and being the one who says no. It takes a certain level of maturity to know that not leading a man on is best for you and him. I must say that my heart skipped a best and I felt so proud when she said she was going to stand up for what she believed even if it meant being different. 

What breaks my heart is that because of these decisions - she stands out. Now, standing out is not a bad thing - don't hear me wrong. What is sad is that people take advantage of this, peg her, peer pressure her, invite her along and purposefully make fun of her lack of bad behavior. Since when did standing out become such a bad thing? 

My ten hear reunion is approaching and it got me thinking .... What was it like for me when I was in high school? 

I didn't fit in to any set crowds - I wasn't all in for any clique or club. I bet over half my class wouldn't know me or recognize me if you asked them who I was. I was the kid that melted in. I blended just enough that I wasn't bothered too much and I stuck to the people I knew and didn't try to befriend those I knew wouldn't accept me. I was also the kid that never got invited to parties or events. I didn't go to most school events, didn't go to prom or other dances. I wasn't that into school spirit and I didn't attend many games. 

I think about that time in my life when I was, we all were, seeking acceptance. We wanted to fit in and have friends we could count on. I remember when everyone went away to college, started jobs or families and most of those friendships dissipated. 

Then I begin to think abut what my life would be like if I had just made the effort to stand out... To take that step. To be different than everyone else and feel okay about it. 

What would your life look like if you stood out? If you took a stand? If you dared to be different?! 

Are we still in fear of being singled out? Made fun of? Bullied even? Are we the people who made fun if others or bullied them? 

What is the point of pressuring someone to do something? So you aren't alone and don't feel so bad for doing it? Are we still those people that try to pressure others even though me know it's wrong? 

What would life look like if you never felt pressured? What if you could stand up and stand out?! Paint that picture and let it set itself in your mind!

Dare to be different! 
Stand up and stand out!! 
Do you have the courage? 

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