Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Life

Today I witnessed people taking their faith public through baptism - then the most phenomenal thing happened ... A couple decided to get married and baptized together today in front of the entire church! What an incredible start to a journey! 

This life we live is always changing! It takes us on some bumpy roads and some smooth paths but all in all at some points we just wipe our old slate clean and start fresh - on a new journey with a new life! What a concept! 

Today I thought about the day I made the decision to take that leap of faith and go public. I was young and excited and didn't know really what I was getting myself into other than ... I was excited about Jesus and knew this was what I was supposed to do. Now mind you - there have been plenty of times in my life where I have faced trials and tribulation - I have turned away and it took me time to refocus and get back on track. I know and understand as an adult what it really means to follow Christ. It's a hard path and takes a lot of commitment - but it's definitely a journey I would not give up or trade in. 

I think about everything I have encountered along this journey and how it has impacted my life. The rocky and broken road that had led me to where I am. I see all the ways I have been saved and rescued. I can think back on all the ways I have been blessed. I can only credit these blessings to God. I must say that nothing in this life is a coincidence and I know He had a plan for me. I am excited to continually be uncovering that plan and journey. I'm excited for the company that will be with me on this journey as well. 

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