Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Say Yes.

What have you said yes to lately? What are all the things you can think of that you would say yes to right now?

I have always been a "say yes" kind of person, willing to help others and put everyone else in front of myself. I will go as far as sacrificing my own time or my own self in order to follow through on a "yes" that I have given someone else. Unfortunately, I have missed out on all the times I should have been saying yes to myself or to God.

Fear rules us... It shouldn't, but it does. I will admit that something that has always been a struggle for me is trust. Trusting others with my self, my belongings, my thoughts, my emotions, etc. Such a huge aspect of a relationship is trust. Yet, I have been unwilling for so long to trust the church... trust God... trust the people he has placed in those leadership positions to lead and mentor me. It has been a long journey and this Sunday I was reminded that I have to take that step and trust others completely or else I will always be a step behind everyone else.

My struggle - along with many others I am sure - has been trusting the people in leadership positions to do what is best with the resources I provide. Therefore, for quite some time I have held onto those resources and distributed them how I thought was best. This unfortunately never put me in a place of risk, sacrifice, or vulnerability in my relationship with God or the church (the people of God). I know that giving back is such a crucial aspect of my relationship and yet I have just been turning my head this entire time and justifying why I couldn't or wouldn't give.

So... I have decided to take up my cross and give back. I know that I have the relationship and the commitment needed. I know that I serve and give back in that way. But there is just something bigger about sacrificing your finances, giving to the unknown, and trusting that the best will be done with it. I have decided to give.

Now for some of you this may be routine and something that you have been doing along. For others this may be something you are shacking your head at and thinking I am crazy. Some of you know how big of a deal this is and others are laughing thinking I am silly.

For those who know how big of a deal this is... I applaud you for also making the sacrifice, giving up that hold on your finances and trusting that He will provide for you. I know he does. Giving back is such an incredible tie in to seeing how the church helps the community with what you have given.

For those of you who think I am silly... Well... when was the last time you sacrificed something for the greater good? When was the last time you sacrificed something at all? How do you intend to live your life and utilize your resources provided to you?

You cannot take it with you when you are gone! This doesn't mean that you should save for the future or plan ahead. This doesn't mean that you should go willy nilly and just blow all the money you have and forget about the purpose of it. You should be intentional about every dollar you spend and make sure it is worth it.

Is this how I should be spending what has been provided to me? Is this how He would spend it if given the chance?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately and it really makes me think about how I spend...

Are the manicures and pedicures a necessity?
Is going out to eat a luxury I need to partake in as much?
Can I conserve what I have in order to use it differently later on?
Did I give back?
Have I saved?
Am I investing in what is benefiting the greater good or just a greater self?

This is huge for me. I am not saying that I know everything, it all, or anything at all. I just think that saying yes to this is going to open my eyes to an even greater picture that I could never have imagined on my own...

Will you Say Yes? What will you Say Yes to?

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