Friday, September 13, 2013


To be susceptible to attack - to physical or emotional injury... You are basically saying - here I am - come hurt me. 

When I think of being vulnerable I imagine a lone soldier in the middle of a grass field with no cover. I imagine the feelings rushing through the mind when you know the enemy is all around and just waiting for the right moment to take you. Why would anyone willingly place themselves in the middle of a field vulnerable to the surroundings not knowing what's ping to happen next? 

The thing to remember is that a soldier is never alone - there is always an army nearby or at least a partner that is there to serve as nothing less than protective guard. 

So - I step out into the field and suddenly feel bare, naked, vulnerable. I am trusting that I will be guarded and protected. I am trusting that all is well and there is no enemy to find me. I've left all my armor behind and knocked all the walls down and all that is left is me. 

How scary and thrilling all at the same time?! How is it that the idea of being vulnerable or completely trusting is so foreign and off putting to so many of us? Is it foreign because we are trained not to trust? Or is it foreign because we've all weighed ourselves down with baggage from the past? 

Being completely vulnerable means knowingly placing oneself in harms way - you aren't asking for it but you are saying that the journey, the field, the battles ahead are worth the risk. 

Can you risk it? Are you willing? What does it take to walk into the open field and be completely vulnerable to all your surroundings? 

I recently shared something that put me in a completely vulnerable state. When you know it's the right thing to say but you have been holding it in for fear of the reaction you will receive - I'm sure we have all been there. I almost don't say it. I had the opportunity and I froze the first time and blurted out nonsense - but the second opportunity came and I knew that it was now or never. 

Often in our lives we allow fear to control is and we miss out on so much because we hide in the woods, cower closets the ground, or stay silent. What are you missing? What are you hiding from? Could you be completely vulnerable and take that leap of faith? Can you put yourself out there and trust? 

Take the leap - live a little - what if you only had 30 days left to live? What leaps would you take? What life would you live? 

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