Monday, September 9, 2013

Trust 2.0

It's funny how you think you have it all down and then you are shaken and everything you thought just comes to an abrupt end. My last blog I spoke about trust and the importance of this in every relationship. How does trust affect you and effect the way you live? How does the lack of trust or even deceit affect the way you live and the outcomes you experience?

The one thing I didn't talk about was the way other people's deceit affects your foundation....

No matter what you do, how honest you are, or how strong a foundation you build... someone can come along and start taking a hammer to it.

Matthew 7:24-27 - Build your house on the rock and not the sand.

I am not unshakable - I am not unbreakable - I am merely a girl

There will be times when, even if you are standing strong, you will feel an earthquake. You will feel someone coming along and taking a few whacks at that foundation you have tried so hard to build. You might feel the aftershock of this - you may feel like you're going to come tumbling down. But remember that you are on rock and not on sand.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. When you build your house on the rock, it will withstand anything.

Trust is such a vulnerable state of mind. You open yourself up to someone or to an idea and you have nothing left to do, but trust. If that hammer comes along and starts whacking away at that foundation, you may feel shaken, broken, beaten... But do not allow that crack to allow distrust and doubt to seep in. The allowance of distrust and doubt causes caution and fear. You automatically put up a guard/wall/sense of hesitation. You are removed from the idea of vulnerable trust and placed in this sinking sand where you feel it is inevitable that you are foolish and cannot go back.

James 1:5 - if you lack the wisdom - ask for it...

It is such a weird place to be in - when doubt starts to play a role in a relationship.... Will you ever recover? Will you ever completely trust again or be completely trusted? Where do you go from here?

Don't be the hammer bearer - Don't be the sand sinker - Don't be walled or guarded.

Even if I am shaken - I know that there is peace to return to.
Even if I am broken - I know that there is healing to come.
Even if I am just a girl - I know that I was uniquely created.

I know who I am - I know where I have been - I know what I have done

But I have to allow for the idea of others partaking in this life - in this build - being affected by what happens around me and to me.

Have you sat back and thought of all the ways you need to appreciate those around you that are vulnerable and trusting to you? Have you thought about the ways that people see you and react to you? Have you considered how your actions affect others and the way they live?

Have you truly trusted lately? Have you been there to blindly trust someone even when others told you you shouldn't?

Trust is not just about me and it's not just about you.... Trust is about us. It is about us working together to build strong foundations and help each other heal and repair what is shaken and broken.


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