Tuesday, September 24, 2013


When life is in transition it can be awkward sometimes. You never know where you are coming from or where you are going. Sleeping in new or different places and seeing new or different faces. It's just odd sometimes to try to figure out the normal schedule you once had and fit it into this new schedule, new places, new time frames.

So my commute to work is generally 1.5 hours now in the morning and then depending on where I am going after work the commute differs, but generally about an hour or more... ugh! I am getting re-acquainted with traffic and I cannot say that I am enjoying it. But, it does give me quality phone talk time which I am enjoying. So on the plus side ... I get time in the car to eat breakfast, drink coffee, talk on the phone, and think about what's next.

Yesterday I had two meals which consisted of Pop Tarts.... umm... really?! So breakfast and lunch yesterday were pop tart lunches. It's not to say that I cannot go to the grocery and buy food, but generally my life runs a little differently and I haven't had time or desire to do so. I was at the grocery a couple nights ago and should have just bought a couple of things to have, but my new on the go life until 10/15 hasn't really allowed for that. So, my diet lately has consisted a lot on boxed foods, take-out, or dine out style meals... with a few home cooked thrown in there which were AWESOME!

I am counting down the days till I move into my own place, not because I don't appreciate this time I have now, but because I am ready to be back on my normal routine. Not to say I will grocery shop more, or do homework more, or anything of that sort, but this transitional period is just odd.

Silly of me to even mention this, but my shows are starting this week... generally I DVR everything, but I gave up cable for the transition month because I only watch what's on my DVR and because it's saving me $100. I am so crazy that I even text my brother and asked him to record for me so I wouldn't miss out on anything... umm... this means I am addicted to television and really should be taking this time away.

Transitions are full of unexpected changes and turns of events. This is probably the longest lasting transition I have had in my adult life and it is throwing me off. It's odd to realize how routine your life has become until something mixes or shakes it up. It is also funny how silly things seem that bother you when you actually call yourself out on it. Like my missing my shows, or travel times to and from work, etc.

I wonder sometimes what life would be like if I just stopped being so routine. I know I am spontaneous and spur of the moment with my decision making, but my lifestyle is very routine and expected. What if I threw all that out the window? What if I cancelled my cable and want tied to the couch for a set amount of time every week? What if I woke up fresh every morning with extra time to live and enjoy life? What if I set time aside in my schedule to write and learn to play guitar? 

What would life look like if you stopped being so routine? If sports weren't more important than loved ones? If television wasn't more important than exploring the outdoors? If eating out/fast food wasn't more appealing than cooking a meal at home? 

Think about all the extra quality time you would tack onto your life! What would you do with it? How would you down it? 

Recently I have uncovered this new crazy concept of quality over quantity in a new way. It honestly doesn't matter how much time or energy you invest in something or someone unless it is intentional and quality time. If you are intentional about what you do and say then you will move mountains! If you are not intentional then you will keep taking baby steps and walking around the mountain. 

Are you ready and willing to be intentional about living? Can you set quality time aside? Are you willing to sacrifice something consuming time in your schedule now that doesn't offer that intentional quality? 

What would transition look like for you? How would it throw you off? Can you make it happen? What are you willing to sacrifice so that you can have more?!

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