Sunday, August 4, 2013

Things unsaid

Often we find ourselves in a predicament. There is something we need to say - something we need to tell and we cannot say it or have no one to tell it to because it is not traditional or socially acceptable. Whatever we have to say is something that others may not want to hear and so we keep quiet.

Why must we be the people that keep everything quiet. Why can we not talk about the topics that are hard to talk about. We are an unaware society and this is because we brush things under the rug, rub things off, keep secrets, don't open our mouths when we should and hide evidence that should be brought to light.

Don't let me tell you that I do not fit into this category because I do - I once was a very shy young woman who would never say some of the things I say. I would never do some of the things I do. I would keep to myself and try to just make it through the day on my own. I am very different from that now. I am stronger and wiser. I know what I believe in and what I know and what I am okay with never knowing. I am bold and okay with taking that strong stance.

I want to be clear that when everything is said and done our ultimate goal here is nothing more than to love each other. So why is it so hard to share with each other? Is it because we are afraid of being judged and shunned? Afraid of what our life would look like if everyone knew what was going on?

Just sit and think - just for a moment. What if your neighbors life isn't so different from yours and they aren't saying anything either, but they are itching for a friend. All both of you needs is someone to talk to in order to alleviate some of this insanity you are dealing with in your lives.

What would life look like if we could pack away the judging and open up the loving?

I think about the hard topics like the abused and the abusers. Who is helping the abusers - where are the programs helping to love them and forgive them? Where are the programs showing them they can change and heal? Where are the people who can counsel them and provide them with a second chance in society that isn't full of societal shunning but full of societal embracing because we forgive and love. Who is helping the abused - where are the adults who should be speaking out and helping the children when the abuse is happening? Why does a child get to adulthood before they deal with abuse faced in childhood? How long must this go on before we open our eyes and realize that the abused children we are not helping are becoming the abusers that we are shunning?! When do we start speaking out? When do we step in and start helping? Where is the love?

I think about hard topics like LGBTQ - which stands for the Lesbian, Gay Men, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered, and Questioning Community. I had a conversation just today about this and I sit and wonder how many people in this community feel embraced by the church as a whole or by God? Dr Suess says "A person is a person no matter how small." I always used this quote when I spoke about abortion, but I think that he is referring to a person is a person no matter what. God calls us to love - no matter who the person is or what lifestyle they live. A lot of the time you will hear people quote verses in the bible such as Leviticus 20 where it states that a man shall not lay with another man - but if you read the entire chapter God is speaking about a community of people that are practicing demonic behaviors (mediums/spiritists) and incest behavior. He also references other things such as cursing your mother and father - lumping them all together and making them punishable by death. Is this true today? I don't think so. I do believe that immorality is a sign and that everyone faces that temptation, which is a hard one to battle. There are churches out there that and people that support the LGBTQ Community and their right to not have to be a separate community but to be accepted into society as everyone else is - with the same rights no questions asked lack of judgement that others receive. I found an article by a Rev. Susan Russell which I thought was extremely interesting - Top Ten Questions about God, Jesus, the Bible, and Gay Pride. Ultimately I am sure most of you are questioning what is my stance - and I would say I agree with the don't judge and just love concept. Why is this so hard to do?

Think on the popular song Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - listen to it here: - listen to the lyrics - feel it.

I think about other hard topics like sexual assault and human trafficking - why can nobody say the word RAPE? ABUSE? SEX? ASSAULT? why are these words so taboo? Why can we not spread awareness and share our knowledge and let others know it's okay to talk about these things. If these topics weren't so taboo I wouldn't have had such a hard time talking about it when it happened to me. I thought it was so taboo and such a bad thing that it had to be my fault and I was the bad person. If I had known better, then I would have felt a little better about talking - but this is still a hard topic for a child to embrace let alone a teenager or an adult - so where are the support groups - the real questions -

Why is it so hard to ask the Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll questions - why is it so hard to answer them? Why has our society made these topics so taboo that we are not able to embrace what is going on around us and actually address it and take care of the hurting and those in need?

Instead we all have things left unsaid, swept under the rug. Family secrets hidden unable to be spoken about. We all have things that we want to share that are eating us alive but we just cannot bring ourselves to do it. Why are we so afraid? What is holding us back? Can we be the people that God calls us to be and love and not judge?

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