Sunday, July 28, 2013

Shopping - what an experience

Phase 2: shopping. So I went with my friend Kim shopping and what an experience. 

We started at old navy and meant to conquer jeans. My problem with jeans is my body is uniquely shaped. When they fit in the waist they are baggy in the leg and butt. If they fit in the leg and butt area then they are too snug in the waist. Thank God for the creator of stretch jeans! Because that's what we ended up with. They fit perfect! 

Then we worked our way to washes... O wow! Can you believe a pant can have so many colors? And something about damage to the pant... There was a lot-

But more to come! Blouses and tops for work and such. So we piled on- literally. I think I might have looked like a walking clothing rack on my way to the dressing room. Haha. 

Blouses are usually the rough spot because I'm top heavy and it's hard to find things that fit well and don't look stretched or awkward. So here I am in the dressing room figuring out which for is best - and what sucks is when the hanger says something but you don't check the tag and then the shirt almost gets stuck! Ugh! That happened - but I learned my lesson - only happened once. 

The thing that was the best was that when I didn't like something or it didn't fit I was able to just throw it over the edge and Kim would go get something different or in a different size. It was nice to not have to trudge back and forth from the dressing room every time and search and search for the unknown - she was able to pick perfect things for me and get to know "my style" - a style I didn't even know I had. But we were successful here as well - we even found flats to match! 

Then we made our way to JcPenny and Target where we found another shirt, a necklace, and an adult belt (haha) - apparently my rockstar studded belt does not qualify as an adult or fashion acceptable belt. 

Finished the night with some much needed awesome girl talk. I missed all that fun. Not the spending money part, but definitely the girl time and girl talk. 

So - I came back with 
3 new pairs of jeans in different washes
1 new white floral skirt
1 new teal button down
2 new tan & white cardigans 
1 blue tank
1 blue sheer blouse 
1 tan flats 
1 new black belt
1 new necklace 

So just be on the look out for some new stylish outfits- lol. Overall it was a good experience. I was very anxious to go and I could not even imagine what it woods be like but it was good and I would go again! Well as soon as I save some spending money cause all that is gone now... 

But I would suggest a personal shopper for anyone starting out or who doesn't know where to start. For those who don't enjoy shopping or don't know what to buy. For those that struggle finding the right fit or finding the fits for you. It's perfect because you don't put in the effort and you get to enjoy the experience. You don't have to rack your brain over what to select or not and someone is there to tell you no or to build you up. It's the perfect opportunity. 

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