Friday, July 12, 2013


I need to rejuvenate. Some days I feel absolutely empty. As if I am run by batteries and my battery light has been flashing 1% for a while. Any minute now I may crash or my screen may go blank and then what?

Why do we always wait till the very last minute to refresh and rejuvenate? Why do we wait till we are empty to find that fulfillment that we are lacking? 

We treat our gas tanks better than our own bodies most of the time- not allowing them to get to E in fear of damaging our vehicles. 

Should we not just continually refill, replenish, and rejuvenate as we go along? Shouldn't we be working on ourselves and making sure we are full so that we can fill others? Yet we continue to give everyone else everything we have even when there is nothing left to give. 

Today I took a half day at work. I realize when I walked I to work this morning that even with two more working days in the pay period I already have 71 hours ... Ummmm ..... Okay.... So - I decided to be selfish and take a long lunch and leave early. 

It's not often that I am selfish. It's not often I leave early or really take time away from work at all. Most people would call me a workaholic. I struggle with knowing when to stop giving to the man. 

But - today I decided that since I only have five more weeks of summer before school starts again and I have the weekend off for a change that I would take off early and start my weekend of R&R. 

I think it's extremely important for everyone to get some "me" time. Just some time away from all the responsibility and stress of life - just some time to relax where time doesn't matter and there are no alarms being set. Some people call them mini stay-cations. It's a vacation from life but you stay home and stay in.

This weekend I am going to enjoy the sun, the beautiful weather and plan nothing. 

When is your next stay-cation so you can give yourself some time to rejuvenate? 

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