Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Prized Possessions

I'm a reader and a writer and a full time book hoarder. Eek! I found a place today that buys used books - a resale shop nearby. But - when I called and asked what they were interested in, they said anything new within the last 6 months.... well I don't have that. But then she said they really pay out on anything newer than 20 years old. Well, I obviously have that. But then she told me some of my stuff may only be bought for 0.25 because they will put it on their clearance section for 0.50 straight away because they have an overabundance of it. Then my freak starts to come out....

What should I do? Should I sell my precious books? They hold such value to me! I read them once and then let them sit on my shelf and collect dust. They have been sitting there and I have been moving them around for years and I haven't picked them up to read them ...

I know - I know. The right answer is .. just get over it Julia. There really is no reason to hold onto something if you have no intention of using it again, reading it again, or especially not if it is just collecting dust. Now mind you, I have been a gem at purging everything in my life except my book collection. Over the years that has been the only thing that has really grown. And even if I did sell some books, I wouldn't be able to sell a lot or all of them. This is going to be the hardest sell I have ever had to make!

I do currently have a Moving Sale going on - I posted on craigs list as well as facebook. Some of the stuff includes:

Blue Love Seat

Kinetic PS2 workout game w/ Eye Toy

Mary Kay Product

PS2 Guitar Hero plus 2 Guitar Hero Games

Tungsten Size 7 Wedding Band

Davids Bridal Satin Halter Lace-up Back size 16 Wedding dress

5 Shelf Bookshelf

JBL Iphone/Ipod Docking Music Station

5 Shelf Media Shelf

I really have just come to the realization that I need to let go. I have done a really good job of this over the years, but I have held onto things that I really didn't need to and I have convinced myself that it was for my better good that I held on.

Now - I am letting go of these prized possessions... I am purging, selling, giving away, and moving on. Eek!

Change is hard, but it is good!

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