Friday, July 19, 2013

Music on my tongue

So weird. Such a quirk. My thoughts in my head are like a continuous musical. When people say things - songs or lyrics pop into my head. Songs are always on the tip of my tongue / the only way to get them out is to let them be sung....

Everyone has their own quirks. I don't know if mine is because when I was younger my dad played this movie line/lyric line game with us. He would spout off a line from a movie or song and we would guess the name of the movie or song. We never earned a prize, just the satisfaction of knowing we knew the answer. 

Music has always been a very large part of my life. As a kid, my patents were both musically inclined. My mom would sing to us. My dad would drum on everything. Then there were all if us... We could really be a band. We have enough musical experience amongst each of us to make it work. There was always music playing and always singing along. I was always in the choir at church or school. The musicals and plays were always a part of my life growing up. 

I know this isn't normal for everyone because not everyone enjoys music or singing. It's crazy to think that people sit in their cars with the radio blaring and not a single note bursts from their lips! What?!? 

If my life were made into a movie - it would be a musical - for many reasons. My life is dramatic, musical, full of people, and the world would need to hear what I have to say from a stage. 

The problem is - sometimes I feel embarrassed. People feel awkward when I sing or when I am outgoing because they weren't raised the same. I feel embarrassed for others that something so small makes them feel awkward. Sometimes that music stays on the tip of my tongue and I keep my mouth shut. It kills me inside but I have to realize that not everyone is like me. But that's what makes me unique.

God broke the mold when he made me. He broke the mold after he made you too. Each and every one of us has been created so uniquely that we were meant to share in those differences, not made to feel strange or distant because of them. If God wanted robots or an army of clones - he would have made that. He could have made anything he wanted. But he chose to make each and every one of us different. 

I embrace my uniqueness- my differences. Can you?

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