Monday, July 8, 2013

It's like riding a bike....

Or is it? What a common saying we use all the time. "It's like riding a bike..." we say this to compare to something else we haven't done in a while in order to make someone feel like it will be an easy task to tackle because once you have learned to ride a bike you can just jump back on one at any time and know how to ride it again.....

So - this past weekend I went downtown with my brother, my BFF and her fiance. We were doing a lot of walking and my brother suggested renting these bikes they have in Chicago that you can pick up and drop off at different locations. They are low cost, convenient, and easy on your feet and body in general.

I'm not gonna lie - I was petrified. I tried to be a good sport about it - Well really I tried to persuade everyone against it... but I failed at that. So then we rented the bikes and I got on one and I couldn't even remember how to peddle... OMG! Can you believe that? It's the craziest concept. I thought "it's like riding a bike"?!??! Apparently that's not the case for me. I got yelled at by a cop because I pulled my bike over into the grass on the side of the sidewalk. Apparently you are also not allowed to "ride" in the park. Once I figured out the peddling thing - we took off for our riding adventure.

Oh boy - was it an adventure. At first I tried to Fred Flinstone it on the breaks - I forgot that I had a big kid bike that had handle breaks. Did I mention the last time I rode a bike I don't think I had handle breaks?! lol. Then there was the issue with starting back up again every time after we came to a stop. Red light, stop sign, sudden rush of people, cars coming at you, etc... I was very shaky in my start offs. I had a bike accident - I ran into the back of Matt's bike when he came to a stop at a red light one time. I almost hit a women when she came running out of a building - eek! But that really wasn't my fault because she came running out of a building.... right?! (Did I mention Matt was making us ride on the sidewalk? lol. There wasn't a bike lane on the road and I was scared of riding in the road without a bike lane)

Needless to say - we got around chi-city faster and had a blast doing it. It was scary and anxiety ridden, but it was fun and exciting. If nothing else it was definitely an unforgettable experience. I almost did not do it because I was going to allow my inexperience and my fear rule my decisions, but I am glad they forced me to it. I was able to really enjoy the city like I hadn't been able to before and I wasn't hurting as bad as I am sure I would have been if we had walked that entire pathway. I would love to do it again and would highly recommend anyone else to try it out as well! Let go and just live it up!

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