Friday, July 19, 2013

Itching for change....

Change is in the air... generally when I am itching for change I just go cut my hair.... lol. But, I decided I am going to let my hair grow - so now I cannot change that. I have to change something else. I cannot change the furniture because I am moving and switching things around inside the apartment really wouldn't make sense right now because I'm only gonna be here another two months. I can't paint... although if I had my own house that is definitely what I would be doing right now! I was convinced last night that I am too standard in my clothing selections ... so I have decided to partake in a little fashion consulting - thanks to my friend Kim!

Phase 1: Cleaning out the Closet

I must get rid of everything I have owned for long enough that it is old fashioned ... umm... so if I bought it while I was in high school or first couple years of college then it probably shouldn't be in my closet anymore. 1. because it probably doesn't fit. 2. because it's old and probably worn out. 3. because it's probably not in fashion anymore.

I have to get rid of everything that I don't fit in and that I am hoping to someday fit in again... umm
1. probably not going to fit back into so stop holding onto it and looking at it because that's just depressing and brings down the self esteem. 2. if there did come a time i could fit back into it - it won't be in fashion anymore. 3. wouldn't i want to celebrate that awesomeness with a shopping spree anyways?! YES!

How many clothes do you really wear on a regular basis? Think about the favorites in your closet that you pick out all the time and you wear over everything else. Think about all the other things that just sit there that never get worn or only get worn when everything else is dirty. Also... If I have the same style of jeans, but own 3 or 4 pairs... who knows when I am wearing clean, dirty, new, or old jeans if I am always wearing the same style? Also... if they are plain can they even be referred to as a style?

I have always hated shopping because I hate trying to fit my uniquely shaped body into clothes that are made for a standard body type that most people don't fit into. If I find something that fits - I'm that person that will buy it in multiple colors and just stop shopping because I don't want to have to keep trying things on. Also - I buy a lot of dark or black because I've been trained along the way that "black is slimming", "black is sexy", "black goes with everything". So - yes... I'm that girl.... ugh...

What not to wear... maybe I should have been looking at myself all these years and thinking that I should be evaluating my own closet and thinking that what I am wearing I shouldn't be wearing.

What's in my closet? Well ... that's a good question.

A wedding dress that I'm trying to sell... almost ready to just get rid of...
3 dresses from when I went to Vegas that I really can't wear anywhere else
20 designed t-shirts
8 plain colored v-neck t-shirts
20 long sleeve sweaters
10 dress tanks for work
4 black cardigans
3 black dress pants
2 black skirts
4 sundresses

Plus I just got rid of:
6 dress shirts that are 8+ years old
7 pairs of jeans that haven't fit in over 3 years
.... turtlenecks.... eek!
a couple pairs of capris...

Everything I have is pretty much standard. I never have been the person to purchase something that is "in style" or "trendy" because I wanted it to last as long as possible. I have come to realize that I don't need to shop all the time, but change now and then is a good thing.

Also - Owning 5-10 good quality items that I will wear all the time that I spend some money on will be worth it for me ... instead of trying to "save money" and end up spending more on the 20-50 items I end up buying and never wear half of them...

So... I'm itching for change and this time it will take place in my wardrobe. Which is a big deal. I haven't gone shopping in over 3 years... This is a really big change for me and a struggle. SO - we will see what phase 2 bring....

Keep an eye out for Phase 2: Shopping (Consultation by Kim)

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