Monday, June 10, 2013


What does it mean to sacrifice? To surrender or offer something? When you talk about sacrificing something for someone else then often that is referred to as a self sacrifice ...

self-sac·ri·fice (slfskr-fs)
n.Sacrifice of one's personal interests or well-being for the sake of others or for a cause.

Basically this is the act of putting another's needs or wants before your own - offering or surrendering something to someone that takes great effort to loose. It's taking compromise to a new level. There is no even ground- one person gains and another person looses. The person that gains doesn't always view it as gain, it's merely less loss than the other party involved. 

How do you measure sacrifice? Or loss? How do you decide who sacrifices more? Who suffers a greater loss? Is there a formula? Is there a good way? A tactful way? Some way where both parties won't end up bitter and full of regret? I wonder?!

Because when I think of the word sacrifice - I think of a selfless love - a love that is so self-less that that person doesn't even realize what they have less of because they are not looking at themselves, but rather the gain of their loved ones. 

Then I wonder... Is anyone capable of such selfless love? Such love for another that they would not consider their own loss, their own risk, their own sacrifice? 

One who is unwilling to sacrifice so greatly does not make them a selfish person, it merely makes them a human being. Someone who is satisfied by the sustainability of what is- someone who has given everything and now just wants some time to receive and just be, someone who is longing for the one who will sacrifice for her the way she has sacrificed for him. 

Sacrifice often happens in relationships - actually - it often is a topic broached, but rarely one that selflessly happens - because as I stated before, we all know how difficult this is. I wonder how the one who created everything, who had the power to bring life with words - how he sacrificed so greatly and how we cannot sacrifice so little? 

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