Friday, June 7, 2013


To purge: to make free of something unwanted; to get rid of

Sometimes in our lives there are things that we need to purge. Somedays those are material objects and other days those are emotions, memories, people, etc.

I need to purge:

I have so many things I need to rid myself of. I have books, dvds, mark kay product, cds, a wedding dress, a wedding band, etc. Stuff I haven't used in over a year. It is that stuff that you cannot let go, or the things you cannot get rid of, those are the ones that stick with you for the longest time. 

Sometimes the stuff that sticks with you the longest are the things that you have the most good memories attached to... other times they are the things you want to get rid of the most!I struggle with purging... I am really good at getting rid of things in my apartment, all the material things that I don't use within a year, often I just purge them - I free myself of them either by donating or selling. But the things that you cannot get rid of are the memories, the experiences, etc... 

When I think of purging my life, I think of purging myself of those memories and experiences, but then I know that my past has shaped me into the person I am today. I had an interesting conversation today with a coworker - we talked about the past - including accidents, troubles, trials, etc. I am always reminded that I have a story to tell and there is a reason why I have been through the war... I have survived and made it through to the other side. I know there are others out there that are able to relate and there is something about it that makes it easier for me to expose myself and share that story I have tried so hard for so long to purge. 

My past is worth more, my experiences are more valuable, they have made me who I am - 

I am more valuable... 

So, I will not purge my past... I will only keep posting it... because I know some day this is all going to make sense. All the reasons why I experienced all those things will come to light and the puzzle pieces will all fit together so seamlessly. That day I look forward to.

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