Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Living the life

The diamonds and pearls 
Cling to my skin 
Like the artwork and paint
Plaster the walls
Oh the facade 

Let's not start with the help
The pool boy 
Just there to look pretty
The maid
Just there to keep it not dirty
The trainer
He is surely there to keep me
Oh the facade

What is this life that everyone yearns for
What is this life everyone longs to live
Is it one of endless pleasure
One of no worries or pain 
Do they not realize money cannot buy love
Money isn't everything 

Is this not enough for some? 
The facade must continue
Faces painted on like masks every day
We must pretend we are happy 
We must pretend we are free
We must sink our sorrows into out money
Then we will be free

What a sad life to live 
No wonder so many don't survive 
I would rather be poor 
I would rather truly be free

Can I give up the diamond
Give up the pearls
Donate the artwork
In plaster the walls 

I don't want the pool boy
The maids or the trainer
I don't want this sorrow filled life
I want freedom and I don't care about being lamer

I want freedom and riches that others cannot describe 
I want love and life lived
I want memories not tarnished
I don't want unnecessary worries or fears 

This life I want is freedom and love 
What life do you long for? 

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