Tuesday, June 4, 2013


There are always good days and bad days... sometimes there are more bad in a row than good, but the key is to remember the good and know that they will come again.

Healing is a long road - a never ending journey that we are all on at some point in our life. Whether it be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc... we all know that healing is essential to living a full life. So many around us are broken, in pieces and many are falling apart before our eyes and we do not even realize it. The process of healing is a rigorous one, but I believe you must first admit there is something to heal. You have to know what it is you are treating before you can address the wound. Second, give yourself props! You have faced the demon inside of you and you are willing to work through it. Remind yourself you are strong enough! You are a survivor! Third, find someone you can trust that you are able to talk to openly without a filter. Someone you do not fear judgement from or who you will not be ashamed of telling anything to. Next, it is always good to remind yourself you are not alone in this fight for healing yourself. Find a support group, or a recovery group, and meet other people who can support you who have faced similar situations.

Rome was not built in a day - healing will not happen over night. You must know this is a long journey and it will not be easy. Healing can be such a roller coaster of emotions - good days and bad days. This will last forever. There are days when I am up and days when I am down. Sometimes there are seconds that something triggers me and I am sent right back to that very moment. I would say that I have faced my situation, I have healed, but I will always be healing. I will always be piecing myself back together and that is just another part of the growth and healing process.

Sharing my story has been a large part of that healing. I am looking forward to sharing more of my story. I am starting book 2. But I really need ideas on how to promote book 1. I have finished it and have self published. I know that it's on Kindle - which has an app that can be downloaded onto any smart phone device, ipad, laptop/desktop computer, etc. Now I just have to figure out how to get people to buy it and read it!


So - If you enjoy reading what I have to say then read that too.

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