Friday, June 28, 2013

Gapers block

I hate when you're driving down the road and suddenly RED lights - nothing but red lights in front of you for miles. You continue to sit still - sitting and wondering when will this be over - when will you finally be free of this entrapment. Then you get there, You know what I'm talking about, the front of the line where everyone else is slowly driving past that person on the side of the road. Whether it's a car accident or someone has just been pulled over by a police officer - sometimes it might even be just a broken down vehicle. Then suddenly you're free! You can't help it but your foot presses down on the gas pedal and you break free of all the other cars. Free at last you scream inside! 

But that gapers block has set you back ...  Now you have to make up that time. What will you do? Will you break the law? Will you speed? Will you take a shortcut?

Think about your life - think about how often we do this in our lives. How often do we find ourselves slowing down to focus on others? How often do we stray from our own paths spending time on things we shouldn't be? Then when we finally realize that what we've been focusing on is so trivial we attempt to speed up and find this freedom from this trivial item or experience and then we find ourselves in even more trouble than we were before.

Sometimes the gapers block is in our own life. Sometimes we're so busy looking in on ourselves that we can't even see what's going on around us. Some people think that  just means they are focused, but most people see that as being selfish. 

How do we get better at being more focused on others instead of ourselves but not so focused on others that we never focus on ourselves? Balance. Life is always about balance. You have to think about balancing work life with Home life, Friendship with romance, Discipline and love, And many others. 

Most days I long for balance. I have school, work, family, friends, love, future, health, etc all to worry about. So instead of rushing and speeding along through life let's just take a break - a breather - and think about it. We don't need a gapers block. We do need balance. We don't need that stop and go and constant traffic and struggle in our lives. 

Lets focus on breaking free of that safely. Not in a peddle to the metal kind of eat like we are all accustomed to, but in a slow, concise, secure manner. 

Just see how long you can go without forming a gapers block in your life or forming the gapers block in someone else's.

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