Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I bet none of us can fit all the awkward moments we have faced in our lives on 1 or even 2 hands.... lol. I laugh because now that I look back on most of mine, they were trivial and need not be awkward at all, but I was just embarrassed half the time that people saw me. It was as if there were times when I had a hole through my center and everyone could see right through me. As if my father as a glass maker and I was made of glass. Can you imagine the feeling? That moment when you look at their faces, their eyes catching yours, and you realize their jaws are dropping and they are bursting into laughter ... at you?!

In high school there was a time when an upper class-man decided to play a trick on me. He thought it would be funny to de-pants me in the middle of the senior hallway when everyone was heading to lunch. I didn't realize what was happening until it was too late. He came up behind me - I obviously didn't see it happening. Fortunately that day it was as if I had been warned in advance, because for reasons unknown to me, that morning I had put on an extra layer... I was wearing sweats because I wasn't feeling the best, and I had thrown on a pair of shorts underneath for extra measure. (I always hated it when the girls wearing sweats leaned forward in their desks and I could see more than I wanted to.) So I was the one who wore three layers when I decided on sweats. Still, it was humiliating. I stood there in the middle of the hallway, mortified. My sweats around my ankles, teachers running toward me and the culprit running in the other direction. I still do not know who it was, other than the counselor telling me "that upper class man will get the justice he deserves"... All I know is that feeling.... even more humiliating was being frozen still and having a teacher pull my pants back up for me because I could not move. 

Always in high school I was the girl that clung to the walls, trying to stay out of everyone's way and just make it to my next class on time. I didn't care if I was in the classroom early and didn't have someone to hang outside the door with until the bell rang. I just wanted to be free of the possibility of that happening again. I started wearing overalls to school - a lot! I didn't even want there to be an instance where I left myself vulnerable like prey for the hawks. I was always watching my back and always making sure I didn't leave myself out in the open for that type of a situation again. 

Obviously we all know that we can never prevent the actions of another because that is completely unpredictable - and most of the time unfathomable. But, we can learn from our past and move forward. The one thing I did not learn from that experience at the time was that nobody would remember it a week later. That is the thing about high school or even childhood. I bet that nobody that knows me even knows about that experience or even remembers it, but I will never forget it. Those moments have been imbedded in my memory forever. 

We have all faced awkward moments, most of us have them weekly if not daily :) The most important thing to keep in mind is that often those moments are only awkward for us, or we are the only one that clings to them. Everyone else has moved on or is still wondering if you saw the spinach in their teeth yesterday when they smiled, or smelt the onion on their breath after lunch, or noticed they had ripped their pants.... (that happened to a frame rep in our office once - I bet that was an awkward moment for him when we told him that we could see his underwear... eek! but we didn't want him to go to another account before he changed his pants...)

I know that I am 27 and there are people who read this who are younger and some older, but we all can relate. This is something that I know we all face and THIS is what my next book is going to be about... I have decided that I am going to attempt to compile all the best awkward moments together in one book. It's the one that will make you cry, gasp, and laugh! Everyone can read and say... I've been there... or ... oh boy - I'm glad this never happened to me... or ... wow! I never knew anyone else had been through that.... or... gosh! that was so silly/stupid/hilarious! 

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