Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The day of birth ... the day  you come into the world and bless those around you with life. This is the day we commemorate every year over and over to celebrate life with our friends and family. This year I celebrated my birthday with the people that I love. Some celebration came early and some celebrations are still to come. I can recall the remembered birthday celebrations on my one or two hands (about 8 of them, most of which I threw for myself).

I remember when I was young and we lived in Lincoln IL - my brother Dan and I celebrated our birthdays together. We had a double birthday celebration, there was a table pushed against the front room, streamers, birthday cakes and lots of adults (our parents friends friends and family).

I think I had a sleepover when I lived in Ohio for one of my birthdays but I don't really remember so it must not have been that memorable. 

When I was in high school there was my 16th birthday party. I had a few friends over at the house and we had cake and played games. I recall frogs... who buys a teenager live frogs for their birthday?! lol. I guess that's what they thought I wanted. I remember having a fall out, almost break up with my boyfriend at the time, then a make up and then drama.

My 21st birthday I threw myself a party. Spent hundreds of dollars on food and alcohol and invited lots of people. I spent a lot of money, spent the night keeping people happy, and cleaning up after them. I had to deal with drama and people getting sick all over my apartment, the cops getting called, then waking up to lots of sleeping bodies in my living room.

Montgomery house party I threw for myself was 23. People from work and old friends got together and had a relaxing night of celebrations.

24 was a year for me... I celebrated my birthday with friends and family at Chili's in Naperville. We did dinner and cake - it was small short and sweet.

Vegas was 26! Crazy weekend with an old roommate. I took myself to Vegas because I needed something big and new to celebrate change. I didn't have the experience that I dreamed of, but it was good for a first time around. I cannot wait for my next Vegas experience because that will surely be one to remember!

Golden Birthday!!! 27 this year and it was a good year. I had some early celebrations - my work bought me a cake :) Chris took me out to Lalo's and made me my favorite breakfast (french toast). He granted me a visit to Starbucks - love birthday drinks! and I cannot wait to spend my gift card on some Semi Annual Sale finds!!! :)  I BBQ'd with family on Sunday for lunch - got to enjoy some unexpected guests on my birthday as well - it was good to see WI family! I had the opportunity to meet some new people Monday and enjoy yet another BBQ! (I must love BBQ!) Monday flowers arrived for me from my BFF in Ohio. I am so blessed to have such a long friendship with her and I cannot wait to celebrate so much more life with my dear friend Alicia. And now.. Tuesday the celebrations are continuing with yet another BBQ with dad for dinner. I cannot wait for my dear friend Abra (my sister from a different mister) to be well so we can break loose of Chi-town and celebrate this life we have both survived recently!

I am so grateful that I did not plan anything crazy or huge yet again this year. I was trying to plan something for my golden birthday because I wanted it to be remembered forever, but with being sick, and missing work, I really wouldn't have been able to see through any of those plans. This is a moment when the disappointment goes away and I am reminded that God is in control and has a bigger plan for us all. He knew I wouldn't be well enough to go anywhere or do anything that extravagant and that is why all my plans fell through. It's a good thing too. :)

This year I feel like I am starting a new chapter in life. I have survived 26 years of life and this 27th year is going to bring so much more - I just know it. The celebration of birth and life - the celebration of living should never cease. This year I am going to strive to celebrate life every day - just always remembering that it is a gift and not to take it for granted.

Although every birthday is not remembered it is the celebration and the life that we must recall. Some memories are negative and some are positive but all remind us of what is important and what we must strive for and pursue. I know that my family and friends are the most important part of my life. Without them I would not be here, I would not be who I am, I would not be as strong as I am. They have supported me in different ways at different times throughout my life and it is the true family - not the blood that runs through the veins, but the ones that always run through your life - that family that is there for you and celebrates life with you continually. I love each and every one of them differently and I couldn't imagine a day without them!

Thank you to each of you who sent me birthday wishes and blessed me with loving gifts and meals. My life would not be as complete without each of you in it :)

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