Thursday, May 30, 2013

agent vs self publish

frustration is seeping from my veins....

I guess I can understand why a publishing company wouldn't want to accept manuscripts unless provided by someone who has something to loose. I'm sure they receive millions of submissions anyway by people who they would never publish just as record labels surely receive millions of demos a day that they would never produce. So that leads to the enlistment of a literary agent. The problem with that is - you have to subscribe to sites in order to get names and information to contact them. You send inquiries and print hundreds of copies of your work in order to submit to strangers who, most of which, will never contact you. Then there is the financial obligation - aside from what was already spent - I'm sure agents do not work for free.

Then there is the agent-less path that I could take, which would basically put me in the world of self-publishing. This is not a bad route to go, but again is expensive and there is nobody else to market your product. Marketing and spreading the world about your product is the most important aspect of any product, service, business, etc. It's business 101 knowledge. So I know that I do not have the time to market a book, how would I self-publish and get my name out there in order to sell enough books so that a major publishing company would put me on their radar.

Also - I have to decide to what audience I want to market my book to. I have not had the feedback given that I requested. Only one or two people really commented on my work, they said it was graphic, but fitting. I guess I need to know if it is worthy of publishing. Am I in over my head? Have I really written a piece of work that is publishing material and can be marketable for sale in a large bookstore or market filled with other famous writers?

How else do you get your name out there? How else do you get your work published? How else is there to present your material to the right person at the right time in order to get it on the shelves?

This link takes you to a snip-it of the book....

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