Saturday, April 27, 2013


It's been a long month... I am sick again... and so tired of being sick. I have finals week approaching Monday and Wednesday are my last two days this semester. I am rushing to try to get everything accomplished that I have to still do. This is tiring in and of itself - not to mention the sickness on top of it all - it's hard to bare. I keep praying for relief, but I am guessing the answer is not yet because I am not getting it. I cannot wait till summer when I will have such a lighter schedule before fall kicks in again to kick my butt. I need to focus on my book this summer in my spare time because I haven't worked on it at all since the semester started. School is becoming increasingly more difficult and I need to manage my time a little more wisely. Ie - no tv unless my homework is done, no going out unless my homework is done.... You know - the basic rules your parents had for you when you were a kid. It is so hard to follow when all you want to do is veg in front of a tv, get sidetracked by facebook, or go out with friends.

But then here we are at the end of the semester and I am cramming - and trying to fit everything in - and I am sick :( I guess this is just what I have to deal with in order to get all this finished. I don't know if I am sick because of stress and being tired, or if being sick is just a coincidence and an annoying one at that. We will see. Dr appointment scheduled for Monday am because I am tired of being sick. So we will see what she says. Until then - I must get back to my term papers.... blah!

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