Wednesday, April 3, 2013

still standing...

do you have to make me feel like there is nothing left of me?
you can take everything i have
you can break everything i am
like i am made of glass
like i am made of paper
go on and try to tear me down
i will be rising from the ground

I have made the decision to stop seeking out what I think is intended for me. I have been on this search, almost a hunt, for the perfect man for me... I have not stopped looking - almost to an excessive point. This past weekend I was reminded why this is detrimental to me and why this can be ALL consuming.

I need to be focusing my time on things that will bring glory to the one who made me. I need to be focusing my time and efforts on things that will allow me to excel in this life. Instead I have spent so much time investing into a man that is not the one for me.

He will have to arrive at my door step with a flashing sign that he is the one because otherwise I will not be keeping my eye out for him. I will not be making the effort to find him. I will not allow my life to consumed with this effort. I need to spend my time on the things that are important.

I have believed so many men and their lies - their deceit - I have believed because I have wanted so badly to have this life I once envisioned myself to have. Yet - as I sit here today - I would much rather have any life than that life with a man that is demeaning, dishonest, deceitful, disrespectful....

I am taking a STAND

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