Thursday, January 3, 2013

new year...

Can you believe it's the new year already? 2013?! wow. i can't even believe it. It seems like 2012 was just beginning and we were all writing our new year resolutions .... Did we even keep any of those?

Last year I was ready ... Dec 29, 2011 I wrote - "I'm not making new years resolutions. I'm just turning my life around."

And I can honestly say, in the last year a lot has changed and turned around... It was all a very crazy year for me (which I feel like I say every year), but it's true!
In no particular order this is what 2012 looked like for me:
Finalized everything with the divorce
I lived on my own
I moved
I got a new job
I went back to an old job
Transferred job locations
I met a new man
I feel in love
I bought new furniture
My mom was in the hospital a few times
My grandmother died
Took my family on our first ever "family vacation"
I took some time off and traveled - Vegas, Grand Rapids, KC Mo, Columbus, S Illinois, etc.
Found out my lil bro is getting married and having another baby
Matt moved closer
Went to University

Is that enough? lol... I cannot say that 2013 will be less or more exciting for me. All I can say is that I plan to have just as many adventures (positive ones).

I will write again - I don't make new years resolutions. This year my plan is just to continue working on me and continuing on the right track. The positive track.

Things I am working on this year:
Attending NEIU (15 credit hours/semester)
Writing my book
Finding a publisher
Taking a vacation - somewhere i've never been
Welcoming a new Niece/Nephew
Going to OH to visit with my dearest BFF
Forming a relationship with new people in my life
Reading more often

So... next year - we will see how I do with all of my plans... but you never know what is really in store for us all and we can plan all we want, but that doesn't mean that we will actually see any of those things come to fruition. So - to the new year - I welcome you as always and await the adventures.

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