Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Fall - a season, a stumble, a fear, llaf backwards (sound it out... it's like laugh)....

going back to school time
leaves changing color time
experiencing new things time
preparing for winter time

i'm going on a bear hunt.... wondering what i'll find.

it's been a very confusing, rough, trying couple of months but i am starting to try to stabilize everything. balancing work, church, school, family, friends, relationship, finances, responsibilities, divorce.

i decided that NIU's version of full time is a little overwhelming for me as I am trying to balance far too many plates and if I continued on this path it would only lead to destruction - so i dropped a lab class, and am still balancing my other four classes. 6:30 am is a little early to be on the road by when the night before i'm home at 1030 at the earliest. so... i am adjusting. totting laundry, groceries, and everything else i need up and down 3 flights of stairs is an adjustment.

why do i always demand so much of myself? i know i am not a hero, and i know i am not a superwoman.

i need to start aggressively working on my book.
i am volunteering with Mission Students and this is going to be trying and emotional - i can already feel it

i am in a season in my life where i am constantly stumbling and in fear, but yet i still manage to get out a lot of laughs and i know that this too shall pass. so here we are on yet another new adventure. holidays are just around the corner and a new year will be approaching soon enough. can't wait for thanksgiving!!! :)

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