Wednesday, December 14, 2011

holidays - doesn't seem like the merry season

so we made it through thanksgiving - but only by the hair on our chins. it was a packed house and lots of fun people - we had enough food and drinks for everyone and our entertainment for the evening was my brother Dan brought a game Cranium. <- all the kids loved it and couldn't get enough. They were jumping around it was fun!

We all got to spend the holiday together and it is always nice to have everyone in one place. And we got to meet Dan's girl and her kid and that was super fun too!

Now Christmas is upon us - just around the corner - i was writing schedules for work today and i couldn't believe it. the next few weeks are christmas and new years and then school starts soon after that. it's going to be packed. it just has been so busy around here it's hard to get in the holiday cheer.

went christmas shopping last night with family and it was a blast. we spent 10 hrs yesterday just shopping and searching for the perfect items for all the kids and i think we found them all! I can't believe we did it, but we did. out at the stores till midnight and up until 2am searching online for everything we wanted. Even though it's not everything they wanted or maybe not the top of the list we are trying to make this christmas as memorable as the rest.

Almost 6 months married -> it is tough - let me tell you. Seeking counsel and making the best life decisions we can make for each other and our future. We will see where this leaves us.

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