Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The feast is almost upon us!

Preparing for a Thanksgiving meal for 20+ people is kind of a big deal....

This is what we have so far...
20lb turkey - still needs to be prepared, glazed, cooked - currently defrosting in fridge
10lb ham - still needs to be glazed and baked
20lbs of potatoes - still need to be peeled, soaked, boiled, mashed
2 apple pies - 1 still in the process of preparing (homemade yumm!)
2 pumpkin pies - 1 coming from Sam all the way from MI :)
4 dozen cookies
Mom's strawberry fluff
Corn flake treat (like rice cripsy treats)
2 bags of broccoli
2 bags of corn
4 boxes of stuffing
6 jars of gravy
veggies + dip
crackers cheese and meat
olives, pickles, - yum!
croissant rolls

OMG - so much still to do :)
But grocery shopping is done - i'm about to go finish the pie and corn flake treats - got help with the cookies (Skyler) - and tomorrow night after working 9-9 i will be up all night peeling potatoes and preparing delicious foods!

Spent the last 2 days grocery shopping - cleaning - rearranging the house - Interesting efforts - found 2 table clothes i didn't even know i had - i have cleaned my house top to bottom and re-discovered my kitchen counters! washed all the bedding, towels, and table clothes. oh my goodness... i even found time to make a goody basket and time for some arts and crafts :)

idk what i would do with myself if i had more than 2 days - i think i would be at a loss for what to do - so much accomplished - well - off to finish baking :)

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