Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So the holidays are nearing and we are preparing to host our very first Thanksgiving dinner married in our new house for the first time ever. Is this stressful!?!?! I think so! We have started to planning and inviting - oh wait - our families = almost 20 guests!!! Redecorating our house and moving furniture to try to get everything to fit and our small space seem more spacious. We have started our grocery list and planning..... 25 lb turkey, ham, 20 lbs of potatoes to wash, peel, cook, mash, make delicious! etc.... this should be eventful to say the least. As I browse websites for the best recipes I have decided that maybe the best thing to do is ask - So, dear friends, share with me your favorite recipes :)

We are hosting so we will provide the following items:
Turkey, Ham, Stuffing, Potatoes, Veggie trays, Relish trays, Cranberry Sauce, Gravies, Green Beans, Corn, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and whatever else we can think of. SO  -  I already have a good apple pie recipe that i make, veggies and quick trays will be easy, cranberry sauce i will just buy, potatoes are a family favorite we make so that's good, but what i am searching for mainly is the turkey recipe, ham recipe/way of cooking, stuffing recipe, and pumpkin pie recipe!

Thanks for shooting me ideas! I am sure I will have lots of pictures and I will definitely share with everyone what we come up with! Now.... just to figure out how to fit that many people in our town home..... bahaha it will be creative!

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