Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Decisions Together.

Falls almost over and the new year will be here before we know it. I can't believe what time has gone by and what has happened in that time.

We have had such a journey already even in our first 2.5 months married. Most recently we went to Kansas City MO for our Labor Day weekend. We were able to spend some good time with friends and family - but most importantly we had some great conversations with a few people. some we knew before we were there, some were strangers.

I realized I am not where i should be but in order to get where i need to be i need to make a lot of changes.

Meanwhile - I may be looking crazy because while we have already been in such a tough time most recently. I know that what i am saying and what i am talking about may seem reckless. BUT i also know that if i do not do what i am meant to do then i will be traveling further on this forged road than i should.

So - here we are - at our first marital fork in the road - where we have to make our first life decision together. if it were me alone i would have already made the decisions by now. but i know it is not just me and so we have to have the important conversations and make the decisions together.

how strange it is to be waiting on someone else to make a decision that used to be only mine....

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