Friday, August 19, 2011

bills thrills and everything else.

SO - apparently when we both changed our addresses at the Post Office they decided - lets loose all their mail so they can't pay their bills on time. :( Dislike.

Hours of wasted time on the phone with companies trying to straighten things out or switch over to paperless billing. i really think it's a scheme between the paper company, the bill company, and the post office to get everyone to switch over to paperless billing.

SO - i have been on the phone with verizon for over an hour trying to get our online cell phone accounts and it just got corrected. Now onto finding out where my title to my car has been mailed to and our gas and electric bills, etc. Argh. this is the most complicated move i have ever made in my life. and that is saying a lot considering i have moved over 25 times in my life and i am only 25. Boo!

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