Sunday, August 28, 2011

2 months in....

2 months being married and we are together at a wake. the next day we are at a funeral and everything is bitter sweet. We got to meet family we have never met before, John was able to experience a loss the way our family deals with it. He was able to see what family means to us and how we act and come together as a family.

Family when you are married = husband, wife, and if you choose to have children. you are forced to create your own family and move on from your birth family. BUT - when tradgedy arrises and there is a need for an even larger family to come together and that is the family that consists of = husband, wife, children, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and anyone else dear to you.

You open your home to people you have never met. You hug and kiss more strangers in one day than ever in your life. You have tears of strangers on your shoulder.

When you are weak i will be strong for you. When you are in sorrow i will bring joy to your life. When you are at war i will be on the front line with you. This is what family is. This is what family means.

It was a very long week - We found out about the death of my grandfather - dad's dad - Friday August 19, and we laid him to rest Friday August 26. It has been extremely stressful, trying, overwhelming, emotional, sad, bitter, angry, happy, joyful, - did i mention stressful... But, we all made it through and are ready to move on with a new theme to life. NO REGRETS. We have reconnected with family and connected for the first time with some and we are ready to expand that family meaning and embrace those we are meeting. Everyone needs someone sometime and that is what family is for, knowing that no matter where you are or what you are doing at least one person in your phone will answer and come to be with you.

Friday, August 19, 2011

bills thrills and everything else.

SO - apparently when we both changed our addresses at the Post Office they decided - lets loose all their mail so they can't pay their bills on time. :( Dislike.

Hours of wasted time on the phone with companies trying to straighten things out or switch over to paperless billing. i really think it's a scheme between the paper company, the bill company, and the post office to get everyone to switch over to paperless billing.

SO - i have been on the phone with verizon for over an hour trying to get our online cell phone accounts and it just got corrected. Now onto finding out where my title to my car has been mailed to and our gas and electric bills, etc. Argh. this is the most complicated move i have ever made in my life. and that is saying a lot considering i have moved over 25 times in my life and i am only 25. Boo!

Monday, August 1, 2011

1 month!

We celebrated our 1 month anniversary and our honeymoon getaway this weekend. It was a gift from my parents and a blast! We went to Lake Geneva WI. Stayed at Lazy Cloud Inn - Phenomenal Getaway.

We stayed in the Stone Grotto room. It was beautiful :)

We explored downtown Lake Geneva, watched the sunset on the beach, enjoyed a room at the inn with no tv and lots of time to talk.

We went on a touristy boat trip and  discovered black point -

So much fun. And then we headed back and double dated it with my parents with appetizers and a movie. Glad to be back - glad to be home. Back to real life and done with honeymooning. Can't wait to go again!