Friday, July 8, 2011

Our Place

So we are settling into our place. We are getting things put up on the walls and in place where they belong.

The kitchen is coming together:

So super excited about everything in the kitchen - not gonna lie - we had to buy a smaller microwave to fit all our kitchen gadgets on the kitchen counter. lol! love the new mixer - haven't used it yet but plan on using it tonight. and the blender is awesome! thanks Matt - and the Keurig! amazing! used it bunches already! love the grill we got from Ventura family - already used it for 2 delicious dinners!

But don't forget our amazing table we got from Johns parents - love it!

The rest of the house is coming together - slowly but surely :)

 Our dvd collection that needs a home.....

 Couldn't live life without my beaches....
 Laundry room and extra bathroom....
 Extra bedroom -
 Amazing quilt we were gifted by my adoptive grandmother Irene Goodrich - all hand quilted!
 Our bedroom - obviously can tell which side of the bed john sleeps on :)
 Our bathroom.
 Ps - we need more closet space.
 Our unity candle - gift from johns parents.
 Awaiting a picture of us... :) gift from BFF Alicia.

There is just so much more to do and so much time - we will see what comes :) 
Almost 2 weeks - and we still love each other <3

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